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nettime: new geekgirl online

          o o o
         |    \/                                 \/  |
         |    /\ geekgirl,(tm) issue #7 - intent /\  |
         |         on & offline sept 7, '1996        |
         |                                           |
         |     the bright light on earth and ether   |

We have a blast with - Jayne Loader (Atomic Cafe/Public Shelter/WWWench);
Hakim Bey (Temporary Autonomous Zone); Vibe Tribe (Australia's psychodelic
techno circus); DJ Gemma; CAT@LYST (Community Access Tecknology); Toxic Honey
(says goodbye to VNS Matrix and returns from a blackhole); Carmel Young
reports on the appropriation of koori [aboriginal] culture (online only);
The James Tiptree Jnr Awards (gosh you mean it's a woman!); Kiss My
Karate (Suzanne Fraser proud to throw like a girl); Dougie Rushkoff
(always on the inside); Jeffrey Cook (back from San Francisco, & 'out of
phase #2'); Gloria Superstar reports on her new virtual persona;
Digital Grrl (wants a mud of her own); Australia's leading woman - Eva Cox
interviewed by Kate Crawford; + our regular features Dip, Dunk, Dive
(Dreads) this issue devised by Ray Goforth (Social Justice E-Zine);
Penpal Powder (e as in eeek, feedback!); Hollywood Handbags, competitions
and more.

Notes from mr. ed

      - the permanent grumpy zone or tremors she's coming at ya -

Intent is a fair dinkum attempt at engaging the reader/spectator to think
about issues of media ownership, control and autonomy.

DIY culture, is refreshing, fun and pretty kewl. But little consideration
is given to how 'the wretched renegades from the mainstream crud' survive.??

80% of zine publishes go out of business after 3 issues, why? complacency!
- not supporting independent product allows some big dick publisher to come
along steal our ideas/pathways, and sell it back to 'the totality' as media

Am I grumpy? slightly.

*hugs* geekgirl.

                        " reality or nothing "

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