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nettime: metaforum 3/budapest program

        MetaForum III/UNDER CONSTRUCTION/Budapest Content Conference
                        October 11-13, 1996

Friday October 11

11.00   Registration
12.00   MetaForum III Opening
12.15   Introduction with Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty, Janos Sugar

12.30-14.30     The Information Industry

John Horvath: Wittgenstein's Nightmare
Miklos Peternak: Forms of Content in Media History
Mark Stahlman: Internet: New Media or New Dark Age?

14.30-15.00    Introduction to Content Input Station, Micro-radio,
and Real Audio

15.00-15.30     Break

15.30-17.00     The Hungarian War on Content
Round Table:    Chairman: Kelemen Gabor
                                Participants: Dash, Steve Carlson, InterNetto,
                                East-Edge, Szalay Tamas,

17.00-19.00     Be Content! The Politics of Counter

David Garcia: Social Innovation through Charismatic
                                Images/A User Language for the Visual Arts

Oliver Marchart: Online Revolutionaries: How to construct
                                the world over again (or not) and what
                                Thomas Paine has to do with it (or not).

Eveline Lubbers: Back To The Source: an  archivist exploring
                                new dimensions of Netactivism

19.00-21.00     Reception

                                Saturday October 12

10.00   Registration

11.00-14.00     Notes from the Margin

Mokka Group: RomaRom Presentation
Pit Schultz: Panic Content-ZKP3 and alternative publishing strategies
Heiko Idensen: Poetry Should Be Made by All
Alexei Shulgin: There is No Media Art

14.00-14:30     Break

14.30-15.45     The Crisis in Hungarian Alternative Culture
                                Round Table:    Chairman:  Kopper Judith
                                Participants: Tilos Radio, Vakuum TV,
                                Koz-Hely, Magyar Narancs, Tilos Bar

15.45-17.45     When Now Was the Future:

Heath Bunting: Standing in Circles
Attila Kotanyi: Is There Any Net Critisicm that is Not Suicidal
Katalin Timar: The HyperRealities of the Spectcale:
                     The Situationists Internationale and Cyberspace

18.45-18.00     Break

18.00-20.30     Culture Reflected

Toshiya Ueno: Techno Mysticism and Media Tribes
Benjamin Perasovic: Tekno Scene in Croatia: Under Construction
Erik Davis: Techgnosis: Heretical Echoes in Contemporary Cyberculture

22.30   Party: Location to Be Announced

                                Sunday October 13

11.00   Registration

11.30-13.00     The Morning After

Losanc Alpar: The Unlimited New
Alexei Shulgin/Rachel Baker: The Lighter Side
Vuk Cosic: Very Cyber Indeed

13.00-15.00     New World Ordered

Kristian Csako: SoftProfits for Free
Manuel Delanda: Markets and Anti-Markets
Richard Barbrook: Political Dyslexia

15.00-15.30     Break

15.30-16.30     Roundtable: The Best Money Content Can Buy
                   Chairman: Geert Lovink
             Participants:Stahlman, Schultz, Barbrook, Davis, Delanda.

16.30             Conference Closing Remarks

17.00-19.00             Tour Of C3(Soros Center for Culture and

21.00-23.00             When Film Was the Fashion/
                                Screening of vintage technology films,
                                Introduction Olia Lialina and presentation
                                of Cine Fantom (Moscow)

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