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nettime: ~~~~ *e~scape event & techno party* ~~~~

                       ~~~~ *e~scape event & techno party* ~~~~
                  Friday the 4th of October 1996 @ Tivoli, Utrecht/NL

                    An evening of experimental music and technology
          Hypermedia interface by the Institute for New Culture Technologies

                                        * Techno music *
                                       * Analog Deejays *
                                       * Video Installation *
                                   * Live RealAudio cybercast *
                                    * Public Access Terminals *
                                      * CD-ROM machines *
                                       * Gaming network *
                                          * & more... *

                                     Expect the unexpected!

Internet terminals are available for Websurfing, assisted by a crew of "data
sherpas". Aside from browsing sites around the world, these terminals can
also be used to directly participate in the sonic experience. There is an
online sound-database where you can select sounds to play back over the
hall's speaker system. Of course you can also go to other places on the Net
and play back sounds you find there. 

If you are not present in person, you can still participate via the Net.
There are several ways to actively or passively take part.

1.Before or during the event, you can send an email to the stage. An
application will then convert your text into computer speech which is played
through the soundsystem in the hall.

2. To interact you can also use HYPER.CHAT at e~scape t0
( With this chat facility you can not only
send text, you can also type in the address of any online picture and the
image is shown in the chat window. You can also enter the URL of a sound and
make links to any noises in our online sound-database, which will be played
in the hall. Of course, nothing stops you from entering the URL of one of
your own sounds! To learn more about HYPER.CHAT, please read the HELP file.

3. During the event, you will find us on channel #e-scape.

4.From your home, you can listen to the live RealAudio cybercast, brought to
you in association with Groove Technologies. All you need is the latest
version of the RealAudio player, which is available as a free download

                                       Brought to you by:
                                           No Sweat (NL)
                                      Konrad Becker (AUT)
                                  GTO - Signs Of Chaos (UK)
                                            Carlijn (NL)
                                          Mickey V (NL)

                       20:30            Signs Of Chaos
                       21:30            No Sweat - Ambivalent Techno
                       22:00            DJ Carlijn
                       23:00            Monoton
                       23:30            DJ Mickey V

                               Friday, 4th of October 1996 @ Tivoli
                                      Oudegracht 245 Utrecht
                                     Phone +31 (0)30 2311491
                                           Entrance Fl. 15,-
                               Time: 20:30 pm - 01:00 am (GMT+1)

 Marie Ringler
 Public Netbase
 Institute for New Culture Technologies

 Messeplatz 1
 A -1070 Wien/Vienna, Austria

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