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nettime: NSK/Laibach list (repost)


                                 NSK LIST

NSK-L is a mailing list devoted to the discussion of the ideas and works 
of Neue Slowenische Kunst and its component groups.

Possible topics of discussion include (but are not limited to):

- The theory and ideas of NSK; the relationship of these ideas to other 
  art and socio-political theory. NSK in the contexts of Slovenia, 
  Yugoslavia, modern Europe and contemporary art. (I would emphasize 
  that this list is open to all points of view, regardless of agreement 
  with or interpretation of the stated or implied views of NSK.)

- The works of the various departments of NSK, such as Laibach (and 
  related projects such as Germania, DTVK, Laiwerk, Peter Paracelsus, 
  etc.), Irwin, the theater groups (Scipion Nasice, Red Pilot, 
  Noordung), Novi Kolektivizem, Graditelji, Retrovision, etc. This 
  includes collaborative and remix work with non-NSK artists.

- Other artists, musicians and intellectuals working in similar areas.

- Updates on performances, concerts, gallery shows, tours, etc. by NSK 

- The usual trainspotting and collector scum activity; discussion/ 
  pricing of albums/CDs/cassettes, posters, paintings and other NSK/ 
  Laibach art and artifacts.


This is an open, unmoderated list; anyone may join (regardless of NSK 
citizenship status ;). To subscribe, simply send a message to:

with the following in the BODY of your message:

        subscribe NSK-L <Full Name>

(Full name (*not* email address) should let people know who the 
subscriber is. Your email address will be extracted automatically from 
your message headers, so send the request from the address to which you 
want the list mail to be sent.)

Unsubscription is by the same procedure as above, but using the 
following command instead of the above one:

        unsubscribe NSK-L

Peter Werner (aka Beast of Eden)

"Art is fanaticism that requires diplomacy"
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