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nettime: Glory of Humankind

The Glory of Humankind Declaration:

I greet thou, scornful mortals
in this gathering of the absentees
Let those who hear, listen

Masses of the millions,
let there be spoken these words
Obey your government,
because your government obeys us

Behold the Unwary Featherbrain
Your void existence amuses us
We look upon you! Forth stumbeling
in the combustion engines
of thine ludicrous vehicles

Anencephalitious idiots!
All plagues shall be rejoyced
to pour out over thine head
Verily, vertiginous with indignation
are the lanterns of darkness

Streak of lightning, thunderbolts,
blasts of thrumpets.

Let the radiant bearers of progress
on their path do not look back
Lest they stumble
over the vanguard of the careful
and get entangled in
the confusion of the insubordinated

Shame on the profiteers!
they will be eager to put their heads
in a pile of dung
they will be covetous to spew out their mouth
those lyers of thruth

They strut rearwards on the path of progress
uttering cries of victory
Ay, Go It, recalcitrant, speak,
insult the nothingness

Those who speak are too pittyful for mercy,
Who speaks, troubles the sun.
He, who speaks, deserves a gruesome death

But he, who remains silence,
is one step away from immortality
Mutes are a boundless fountain of freedom

Gloryfy glory in the name of glory
Until the complition of eternity
Awake, my drowsy pins
Thou who listen, hear my words
Ay, truely spoken has my mouth

Prophets of gobbledygook,
sprinkle my head with sage thoughts
The radiant circles sprakles
in the sign of justice
Our enemy shall collaborate
in our victory

Let get forth the ring of fire
around the world
onehundred and nineteen times
onehundred and nineteen times

The moment has arrived
Recieve Glory of Humankind

So be it.


Glory of Humankind
Radio Patapoe (Amsterdam), FM 97.2
Each sunday evening, 9.15 p.m. 3369, 1001 AD, NL-Amsterdam
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