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nettime: DISCORD. SABOTAGE update



Ute Vorkoeper / Inke Arns
Rutschbahn 37, D-20146 Hamburg, Germany, Tel/Fax: ++49 - 40 - 4104937

- Concept and updated informations
- List of artists participating
- Schedule and Adresses
- List of works planned for discord. sabotage of realities

discord. sabotage of realities is being organized within the framework of 
the Week of Visual Arts in 
Hamburg. It will be shown in the Kunstverein and the Kunsthaus of this city 
from the 29th of 
November, 1996 to the 19th of January, 1997. The title is theme and strategy 
of an exhibition and 
action art project that intends to bring together a wide variety of 
different artistic positions of the 
The origin of the concept lies in the "Peace Biennale", which was initiated 
by Robert Filliou and 
realized by Rene Block in 1985 as a project of the Week of Visual Arts and 
shown in the Kunstverein and the Kunsthaus in Hamburg. The central motto of 
this show was "to show peace more excitingly than war". Filliou's concept, 
which had the goal of forming a world-wide artistic network for 
"peace-forming" art strategies, prompted a re-thinking and re-formulating of 
the questions originally raised. A new call for participation in a parallel 
project was initiated. However, utopian and moral expectations no longer 
stand in the foreground of the art-scape.
Instead, art must test its ability to visualize increasingly unpeaceful 
realities. It should intervene in 
existing structures, and expose mistaken handlings of private, social and 
political realities so that they can be experienced in a suggestive or 
reflexive way.
Divided into six thematic zones (and mixtures of zones)  __control, news 
services, everyday life, 
border politics, state machineries, science ficion and economy__  the 
exhibition discord. sabotage of realities will reflect upon themes central 
to society's experience of reality as mirrored by art.
A "heterotope" of art reality should come into being  a world parallel to 
the world, in which artworks 
are resocialized and made palpable in their critical and subversive 
potential. It is a world of art in 
which the inconspicuous contents, definitions and attributions of our 
pluralistic realities are unveiled, 
doubled or distorted.

__Zone 1  control (security / insecurity)__
this reappears in different forms throughout the entire exhibition. 
Particularly during times when there 
is social or political unrest - one need only think of all the threatening 
and dangerous enemies - it 
seems necessary to satisfy the growing need of the population for security 
by expanding the political or federal control and its protective services. 
Artists are asked to come up with new additions to or solutions for the 
"police state" and "walls with ears".

__Zone 2  news services (disinformation)__
seen spatially, this will make up the heart of the show. Guided by the motto 
"information should be 
unfree", both old and new strategies of disinformation and models of 
censorship will be presented, as well as new information services that begin 
their work transmitting daily news from the central news station of the project.

__Zone 3  everyday life (alienation)__
this gives us a look upon the private and social life in the republics and 
dictatorships of the world. In 
this zone, disconcerting views of an alienating everyday existence will be 
shown. Patterns of identity, loss of identity and the eternal fight for 
identity will be touched upon here.

__Zone 4  border politics (walking the tightrope)__
questions the usual and new strategies for resolving conflicts. How were and 
how are conflicts dealt 
with? How could they be dealt with? Exemplary models should deliver impulses 
for our culture of war 
and conflict to renovate its old structures.

__Zone 5  state machineries (law, discipline, repression)__
in an exclusive offer for those damaged by pluralism, this zone will 
introduce old and new societal 
models of order. Law, discipline and repression come up against situational 
thinking, variable 
identities and different understandings of democracy.

__Zone 6  Science fiction and economy (the administration of the future)__
will take into account the never-ending desire for a perfect human being and 
that being's world. For 
the perfect person (mobile, good-smelling, communicative, liberal), the 
perfect environment must be 
created. Models for the future, even for the poorest of the poor and the 
most frustrated of the 
frustrated, are given priority as long as the profits are big enough.

***All interested artists have been invited to participate by sending their 
concepts to Hamburg until 
August 31st. Artistic media has been open. It has been announced that a 
panel of artists and critics 
will review the concepts sent and decide which projects may be realized. 
Besides, a financial support in the execution of artprojects selected by the 
jury was promised.
***More than 500 artists from 31 countries followed this call for 
participation in the project. It has been distributed through several 
channels (press releases, internet mailing lists, international art schools 
and exhibition institutions, artists and critics). The difficult task of the 
jury was to choose those proposals which should be realized in Hamburg 
and/or to decide which concepts shall be shown within the show discord. 
sabotage of realities. 
***The decision by the panel - Ute Meta Bauer (Stuttgart / Wien), Herbert 
Hossmann (Hamburg), Wolf Jahn (Hamburg), Bojana Pejic (Berlin) as well as 
the organizers and curators Inke Arns (Berlin) and Ute Vorkoeper (Hamburg) - 
 was made on September 5th and 6th.
***34 most different projects have been chosen for realization. Another 26 
proposals will be presented in an extra room for concepts. Besides, we want 
to keep all proposals for discord. sabotage of realities - as far as the 
artists agree with this idea - within archives accessible to all visitors of 
the exhibition.
***Videos on the themes of the exhibition will be shown in a weekly 
programme. Moreover, some 
panel discussions and events in cooperation with other institutions are 
planned. The exact dates of all events will be announced on the invitation.
***An extensive catalogue (German / English) will be published during the 
exhibition. As a 
documentation and artist book it will contain works and concepts as well as 
texts and statements by the artists concerning the theme and thematical 
zones of the exhibition.
***A www-page will keep the public informed about the current developments 
of the project 

****Schedule and Adresses****
Kunstverein and Kunsthaus Hamburg, Klosterwall 23, 20095 Hamburg.
Thursday November 28, 1996 at 7 p.m.
Dates of exhibition: 
November 29th, 1996 - January 19th, 1997
Wednesday, November 29th, 1996 at 11 a.m., Kunstverein Hamburg
Presentation of the catalogue:
Thursday, January 9th, 1997, 7 p.m., Kunstverein Hamburg

Further Informations: 
un-frieden. sabotage von wirklichkeiten / discord. sabotage of realities, 
Ute Vorkoeper / Inke Arns     Rutschbahn 37, D-20146 Hamburg, Tel/Fax: 
e-mail:, <>

****List of participating artists in discord. sabotage of realities****

Daniel G. Andujar (Valencia / E)
Marcus Bastel (Amsterdam / NL)
Birgit Brenner (Berlin / D)
Heath Bunting (London / GB)
Gary Carsley (AUS / NL)
Louis Courturier & Jacky Lafargue (Montreal / CAN)
Bea de Visser (NL)
Peter Dombrowe (Hamburg / D)
Stan Douglas (Vancouver / CAN)
Joergen Erkius (Hamburg / D)
Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani (Berlin / D)
Mark Formanek (Muenster / D)
Lynn Hershman (San Francisco / USA)
Invisible Embassy of Seborga / Frank Riepe (Bremen / D)
Christoph Irrgang (Hamburg / D)
Irwin / NSK (Ljubljana / SI)
Markus Kaech (Luzern / CH)
Korpys / Loeffler (Bremen / D)
Muntadas (E / USA)
Daisuke Nakayama (Tokyo / J)
Andreas Peschka (Lueneburg / D)
Jayce Salloum (Vancouver / CAN)
Hans-Peter Scharlach (Cologne / D)
Cornelia Schmidt-Bleek (Berlin / D)
Frantisek Skala (Prag / Czech Republic)
Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag (Oldenburg / D)
Inga Svala Thorsdottir / Shan Zhuan Wu (Hamburg / D)
tonnage inc. (Linz / A)
tunguska index / Peder Iblher (Berlin / D)
Yukinori Yanagi (J / USA)
Kenji Yanobe (J / D)
Anja Wiese (Duesseldorf / D)
Wang Yigang (Bejing / VR China)

****List of works planned for discord. sabotage of realities****

__Zone 1 - control__
*Daniel G. Andujar, "Technologies To The People" (consumer project)
*Marcus Bastel, "Search for a Method" (multimedia installation)
*Heath Bunting, "o.T." (mail art)
*Korpys / Loeffler, "o.T." (installation / video)
*Andreas Peschka, "Stempelset fuer Attentaeter" (multiple, consumer project)
*Anja Wiese, "o.T. / Sektor B" (sound installation)

__Zone 2 - news services__
*Stan Douglas, "Evening" (video installation)
*Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, "be super natural" (installation / video)
*Mark Formanek, "Archiv der 100 Statements" (archives)
*Muntadas, "The File Room" (installation, internet project)
*Frank Riepe, "Invisible Embassy of Seborga" (installation / office, 
internet project)

__Zone 3 - everyday life__
*Louis Courturier & Jacky Lafargue, "Mobile Images and Remarks" (performance 
in public space)
*Bea de Visser, "Blink" (video installation)
*Peter Dombrowe, "Selbst in den Kulissen der Lindenstrasse" (photography)
*MAX, "Does your Mama know you are out" (creditcard / multiple)
*Jayce Salloum, "Kan ya ma Kan" (video installation)
*Hans-Peter Scharlach, "This Land" (video installation)

__Zone 4 - border politics__
*Birgit Brenner, "Selbstversuch I: Traenenrueckfuehrung" (performance 
*Lynn Hershman, "America's Finest" (computergenerated, interactive Installation)
*Daisuke Nakayama, "Car of Desire 1995" (sculpture)
*Joergen Erkius, "o.T." (Installation / work in progress)
*Frantisek Skala, "Sark" (photography)
*tonnage inc., "tonnage 1" (performance in public space)
*Yukinori Yanagi, "Wandering Position" (installation / work in progress)
*Wang Yigang, "Chinese Rules" (painting / interactive installation)

__Zone 5 - state machineries__
*Gary Carsley, "Ministry of Public Works" (installation / office)
*Peder Iblher / tunguska index, "The 'Visitor' Enterprise" (slide projection)
*Christoph Irrgang, "o.T." (slide projection in public space)
*Irwin / NSK, "NSK Passport Office Hamburg - Irwin Live" (installation / office)

__Zone 6 - science fiction & economy__
*Markus Kaech, "Institut fuer mediale Krankheiten / Erste-Hilfe Raum" 
*Inga Svala Thorsdottir / Shan Zhuan Wu, "Second Hand Water" (installation / 
consumer project)
*Kenji Yanobe, "E.E.POD (Emergency Escape Pod)" (interactive sculptures)
*Cornelia Schmidt-Bleek, "Space Lab" (installation / performance)
*Jan-Peter Sonntag, "Modern Minimal Disco" (sound installation)

****List of artists who will present their projects within a room for 

Artworld Anonymous (Budapest / H); Bertram Abel (Berlin / D); Chiarenza & 
Hauser (Biel / CH); 
Joshua Decter (New York / USA); die Farm (Bremen / D); Gunnar Elksnat 
(Hamburg / D); Peter 
FitzGerald (Dublin / Irland); Grupo Universidad de Antioqua (Kolumbien); 
Roman Haerer (Hamburg / 
D); Caroline Hake (Berlin / D); John Halpern (USA / CH); Judith Haman 
(Hamburg / D); Klaus Heid 
(Karlsruhe / D); Christine Kruse (Hamburg / D); Oleg Kulik & Mila Bredikhina 
(Moskau / R); Alex 
Oppermann / Moni Friebe (Offenbach / D); Mary Patten (Chicago / USA); Otto 
Potts (USA / D); 
Protoplast Aktiengesellschaft (Basel / CH); Pit Schultz (Berlin / D), Oleg 
Soldatov (Taschkent Stadt / Usbekistan); Janos Sugar (Budapest / H), Thomas 
Thiel (Hamburg / D); Jamie Wagg (London / GB), Martin Widerberg / Joachim 
Stein (S / D), Zhuang Hui (Bejing / VR China)

Inke Arns * Pestalozzistr. 5 * D-10625 Berlin * Germany
Tel / Fax + 49 - 30 - 313 66 78 *
* Int. Meeting on the Documentation of Media Art in Eastern,
Central and South Eastern Europe (Rotterdam Sept. 1996)
* discord. sabotage of realities. (Hamburg Nov. 1996)

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