j bosma on Sun, 6 Oct 96 21:13 MET

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nettime: love should be forbidden by law

love should be forbidden by law. 
it is hopelessly stuck between ideology and vanity.
crushed in long discourses on endless chains of conferences. 
love should be forbidden by law. 
(move it move it act and fight) 
art is a void that speaks with a double tongue. 
its media the veins that transport poverty of mind, decadence of the soul. 
(hit me harder dear so I can speak no more.) 
love makes search engines throw up. 
love should be forbidden by law. 
its followers should be pursuited like childpornographers,
hunted down like the fishman files,
censored out of every social event.
to ensure its obscurity it must be supressed
by allowing sex only in case of rare contact between travellers.
love should be sentenced to death. 
policeforces armed to the teeth breaking into every tender lovers site. 
kicking them, breaking their balls, smearing their faces, shaving their heads.. 
erasing their words to delete its force.
those mostly occupied with subverting
would finally have THE right thing to subvert
those obsessed with obstructing authority 
would know WHY finally
love-terrorism is what I am waiting for: love-bombings, desire-hacking
a secret society of hearts
(kill those that betray us with long choking kisses!)
inertia flat on its back
a strong force underground and flames that light up the wires
today somebody said to me: I do not want to be happy, I want to be content.
let us glow. 
love should be forbidden by law.

I touch the keyboard gently

Josephine Bosma


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