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nettime: IMMEDIACY

In response to the pervasive need for a public forum at the juncture of
media and culture, we announce IMMEDIACY; a quarterly, on-line journal.
Material will be selected and edited by a collective of
Media Studies/New School for Social Research graduate students
maintaining an active dialogue with a broad cross-section of
intellectuals, artists and other members of the media sphere.

IMMEDIACY is now accepting papers, essays and reviews for the
inaugural issue appearing January 1997.

Submissions should address the conjuction of media and contemporary
experience. IMMEDIACY encourages a variety of critical perspectives;
feminist, cultural studies, political economic, historical, etc.
Essays should pertain to photography, film, video, multiple media,
advertising, aesthetics. We also welcome book, film and video
reviews; interviews and reports on conferences, discussion groups and
alternative practitioners and/or institutions engaged with media
production. Send two print copies w/ SASE. Text and notes must be
double-spaced with pages numbered consecutively. On a separate cover
sheet, list your name, current address, phone number and e-mail

IMMEDIACY: c/o New School for Social Research,
Media Studies Department,
2 W 13th Street, 12th floor,
New York, NY 10011.

For technical instructions on non-text or graphic work, write to No calls please!! DEADLINE: November 1, 1996.

Check out the IMMEDIACY website at:

Mark Tribe


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