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nettime: Two editorials about wiretapping bill in Japan

I posted following message to fight-censorship ML, but now I revised a littl
e bit and post to nettime. Toshimaru
Japanese newspapers, Yomiuri Shimbun and Nippon Keizai Shimbun(Nikkei) are a
ppeared editorial essays about wiretapping bill in Japan.

Nikkei's editorial is appeared today. It has apprehenshion about overuse and
violation of secrecy of information that is guaranteed by Japanese Constitut
ion. So it propose more serious consideration and opposes to approve the bil
l at the next ordinary Diet session in Spring 1997 though not absolutely opp
osite attitude to the bill.

Yomiuri's editorial at 9th Oct. has a different attitude. It is more favorab
le to the bill. It says the reasons as follows;
The recent most important task in international society is to defend civilia
n life and economic activity against terrorism and organized crime.
UN and Summit proposed to strengthen international cooperation and establish
legislative measure about above matters.
Japan has never done about legislative measure though western advanced count
ries have already done it.
So Japan has to do it.

Yomiiuri has hardly any consideration to people's human rights about free sp
eech and privacy. And Yomiuri has never references to the effect of wiretapp
ing. Does the US is more safety society than Japan because the US is more ea
sily to wiretap? Or Is the US police able to sweep out terrorism and organis
ed crime by using wiretapping and violating people's privacy? I do not think
so. Rather people are violated their privacy and other things remain as befo
re. Also a kind of political activism will be criminalized as terrorism asn
organized crime by such new intervention. Therefore Yomiuri's editorial has
nothing of reasonable support of the bill. It is only propaganda. But Yomiur
i has the largest readers in Japan, maybe over one million readers, so we ca
nnot gnore it's influence.

I open No Wiretapping Bill Home Page. If you can read inJapanese, please che
ck my HP. URL is
Some parts are in English.

Toshimaru Ogura
another world Home Page‾ogura/another_world/gate.html

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