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nettime: !: Across 2 Cultures: Digital Dreams 4

>From: lisa@lisa.demon.co.uk (Lisa Haskel) 

Across 2 Cultures: Digital Dreams 4 is a 3 - day event exploring electronic
arts in the context of a changing relationship between art and science.
The event comprises a 3 day conference, specially commissioned 
installations by British artists Simon Robershaw, Jane Prophet and Cornford
and Cross, and an installation commissioned in collaboration with DEAF 96:
"Anonymous Muttering" by Knowbotic Research.  Across Two Cultures: Digital
Dreams 4 also incorporates two major exhibitions of electronic art: 
Serious Games at the Laing Art Gallery and Ex Machina at the Zone Gallery.

Venues for the conference and exhibitions are spread around the city of
Newcastle, and Gateshead across the river Tyne with its spectacular bridge 
built during the industrial revolution.  The of choice venues and sites firmly 
situate the discussions within the shift from mechanical to electronic culture.

Further details from: 2cultures@dd-4.demon.co.uk

Full Program:
web: http://www.visartuk.org.uk/dd4/

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