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INTIMA Virtual Base / Creative Intimate Laboratory


"0.HTML" [zero.html]
[web art project]


[web art project]


is a web art project [not documentary] dedicated to the [G]reat
[T]eacher and [A]stonaut [GTA] dragan zivadinov. its purpose is to
re/create his virtual and artificial:


it is constructed as an interactive web art project where you can
co-re/create his virtual life and fiction artwork. the project will be
under construction untill the end of his real life. after his death, a
cd-rom (or any other digital data carrier available at that time) will
be given to him as a present from all the online people to take it
with him wherever he goes.

the project consists of 3 phases. a basic skeleton will be built in a
first phase [phase A - construction]. there is an option to define
[GTA] dragan zivadinov already available inside phase [A], but soon
there will be other options available. with all this options we will
construct basic data to create [GTA] dragan zivadinov and to transfer
to the second phase [phase B - preservation] and the third phase
[phase C - destruction].

you are invited to co-operate.

a precise description of phase [B] and phase [C] (where we will create
interactive psych/o[gram], physi/o[gram] and art/o[gram] with live
online performances, diagrams etc.) will be published here as soon as
it will be finished.

define/find out who is GTA dragan zivadinov
[even you can be [GTA] dragan zivadinov]

start of the project: Sat Oct 12 16:54:59  1996

igor stromajer

INTIMA virtual base - creative intimate lab
post address: jakceva 2 / ljubljana 1000 / slovenia - SI / europe
phone & fax: +386 61 453077 (for fax: please phone first)
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free your mind and the rest will follow
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