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nettime: Re:clambering For Power

Dear Netimers

In light of all the Reclaiming going on[,][.]
I did a search and came up with the text below
at http://www.hrc.wmin.ac.uk/campaigns/rts.htm.

These are the most effective urban neo-ludites
active in the uk against improved communication, 
their rural co-conspirators being represented

Their anti progress techniques include
vietnamese tunnelling strategies,
blocking of highways with towers and holes,
living in trees to prevent felling for new roads
and mass party/demonstrations.

Perhaps we should be prepared for such techniques 
when we are 'progressive' e.g. German gov vs Radikal
and informed by them when we are 'reactionary'. e.g. CDA 

Hcath Bunting



The past 3 years have seen a huge struggle against the imposition of the
roads programme in the UK. But the spectre of the car still haunts us. It
poisons our air, demolishes homes and communities, buries our land beneath a
tide of tarmac and concrete. Increased safety for those behind the wheel
means more of us dead under the wheel. The cosy private comfort on the
inside offers no relief to those stranded in the war-zone on the outside.

In 1969, 90% of 7-8 year olds made their own way to school - now the figure
is 9%. The others go by car. It's too dangerous to let the kids out on their
own - because of the traffic. Cars pump out greenhouse gases, threatening
the very existence of life on earth. Is this the world we want? Do we want
more wars over oil, indigenous peoples slaughtered and their lands
decimated, just to fuel the engine of "economic growth"?

MAD CAR DISEASE is not terminal - the antidote is in our hands!

Streets can be places where kids play, the elderly watch the world go by,
neighbours meet - in short, a place of community. In the modern street
people hurtle past in their own metal worlds, all on their way elsewhere.
The paranoia of Neighbourhood Watch replaces welcoming and open public
places. Reclaiming the Streets is not just about rejecting cars. It is about
rediscovering the joys of life without them.

Do you dream of a London where gridlocked drivers abandon their cars to join
in the street party? Where cyclists are not isolated diehards, but a force
to be reckoned with? Where football isn't something happening on your car
radio, but a game played on Marylebone road? Where accident black spots are
marked not by crosses beside the road but by crosses in the road? Where no
car ad stands longer than a day, assembly lines stand still and oil slicks
are returned to their makers? Where politics is not a grey drip drip of
policy from above but a splash of light from below?


Reclaim the Streets! is a direct action network committed to ending the rule
of the car. We are FOR walking, cycling and cheap (free!) public transport,
and AGAINST cars, roads and the vested interest they serve. We are not a
send-a-donation / get-the-mag / sit-in-your armchair organisation. We are
about getting involved and changing things through our own actions.

If you are interested in taking part in our activities send us your name and
address for our mailing list.


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