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nettime: Belgrade Radio B92 off the air - on the Net

     Radio B92 from Belgrade out of the air!

     The Dutch News Agency ANP reports that the Serbian authorities took
Radio B92 off
     the air! At this moment Radio B92 is the only independent
radiostation of Belgrade.

     The past few days the authorities already have disrupted the
broadcasting frequently.
     Vans with discrambling devices drove around the building of B92 and
prevented the
     news from getting broadcasted within and past the city borders. B92
has been cut off
     because of their non-critical position against the Government and
the live coverage of
     the protests and demonstrations in the streets of Belgrade. These
protest have been
     going on for more then two weeks and are a result of decision of
the Serbian
     Government, after it seemed that the opposition parties took the
lead, to declare the
     outcome unlawful.

     Earlier today (Tuesday, 14:00 GMT+), Veran Matic, the chief-editor, told
Press Now that the
     crowds were still on the streets, but things looked more quiet. A
few moments later
     government officials came in and switched off the transmitters.
They claim that B92 do
     not have permission to broadcast, while they have been broadcasting
since, of course,
     1992. It is not yet clear what will happen next.

     Besides of being a radio station, B92 is active in the field of
theater, film, video and
     Internet productions in Serbia.

Roger Kenbeek * Amsterdam *       B92 support page                  B92 home page

abroeck adds: on the BBC World Service, the senior editor of B92 announced
yesterday that they will continue transmitting news bulletins via these
websites, using RealAudio.

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