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nettime: Live on HotWired!

S O S  R A D I O  T N C - N E W S L E T T E R  #13
December 6, 1996
(Next issue: December 27)


***L I V E   O N   H O T W I R E D !***

December, 10 at 1 pm PST (9 pm GMT, 10 pm CET).

SOS RADIO TNC and HotWired link their audio streams
for a weird live event from San Francisco.

Get the latest news, find out about the connection
between the missing wavemaster RadioMind, a certain
Italian formaggio di porco, and digital cannibalism.

Tune in at:

Join the Java chat at:
(room: RADIO TNC)

Additional info:



SOS RADIO TNC was launched after the Great Web Crash of
Februray 4, 1996. In an unprecedented display of solidarity,
internauts have scanned the most remote corners of the Web
for traces of the crash victims. Radio producers, DJs and
netcasters from around the world have taken turns as guest
hosts at SOS RADIO TNC's online microphone.  What began as
a rescue operation, has subsequently evolved into a booming

SOS RADIO TNC is a production of Beusch/Cassani
in collaboration with:
Ars Electronica Center Linz, Musee national des techniques Paris,
Kunstradio (Austrian Broadcasting Corp. ORF), VPRO Radio (Dutch
Broadcasting Corp.), SR2 (German Broadcasting Corp. ARD),
Couleur 3 (Swiss Broadcasting Corp. RSR), France Info (French
Broadcasting Corp.), DR (Danish Broadcasting Corp.), Relais (Linz),
HotWired (San Francisco).

"One of the most interesting sites we stumbled upon recently."

"A macabre cyberfiction mixing radio culture and net culture!"
(Liberation, Paris)

"A very important investigation of the Great Web Crash".


For more information please send an e-mail to SOS RADIO TNC
( or call (+33 1) 40 33 69 32.


SOS RADIO TNC - The CyberRadio

51, rue Piat
F-75020 Paris
phone: (+331) 40 33 69 32


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