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nettime: New Media conference 'ART + COMMUNICATION' Report

ART + COMMUNICATION was a 1 day event focusing on the
relationship between art and communication on 8th December
1996 at The Swiss Thing, Basel.

The conference comprose of presentations and a pannel
discusion with a number of smaller, practice based sessions
including resturants and walks.

Most of the invited speakers were unable to attend, so:

Adrian Pearson was Laurie Anderson; Barbara Strebel
pretended to be Sandy Stone; Heath Bunting represented PDFª
Industries and presented reality engineª competition;
Reinhardt Storz spoke as Joachim Blank; Frank
Retter was Jeffrey Shaw reading 'who needs the art world';
Christina Zoeck impersonated Jill Scot; Martin Breschle and
others were Pit Schultz, the moderator; William Clauson
represented Alexei Shulgin with 'art, power and
communication'; Michaele Alvaro was Etoy, and acted kool.

Most of the discusion centred around identity and plagarism
as a defence against commodification.

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