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nettime: for all which get spammed by earthstar.com

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From: ray@camco1.celestial.com (Ray A. Jones)
Newsgroups: news.admin.net-abuse
Subject: Earthstar Small Claim action
Date: 4 Dec 1996 00:12:03 GMT
Organization: Celestial Software
Message-ID: <582fkj$jtc@camco.celestial.com>

As I posted before, I have filed a Small Claim Court action against Lyle
Larson of "Earthstar" -aka- Micrologic.  The summons was delivered this
afternoon via US. Mail (return receipt requested).  Since then I have
received two phone calls from Micrologic, one from a Brian Winn, whom I
do not know and the other from Lyle Larson.

Mr. Larson claims he is not the owner nor is he responsible, nor is
Micrologic - "they are just an ISP" claims Larson.  He is just the
systems administrator.  I ask him who owns Micrologic and he said it is
owned by a group of attornies (could this be Cantor and Seigle?).

[Update:  BTW, I now know that Lyle Larson is the Regestered Agent for the
corporation, not "just an employee" (lying sack of s*it).]

He tried to talk me out of the action (fat chance), said the RCW I
referenced doesn't apply (we'll see), said I sued the wrong person (so?)
and because the company is owned by attornies, his lawyers won't cost
him anything (lawyer are not allowed in small claims court).

I reminded him of our previous conversation where he said he would send
as much UCE as he liked and that I could sue him but he would not stop.
Conversation ended when I invited him to meet me at Court on Jan 16 in
Redmond Washington.

Ray A. Jones

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