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nettime: ada 'web newsletter #7

dear subscribers,

finally, here we are, back after a long lapse of time.  as the holiday
season is kicking in, here are the goodies:

on december 1st, ada 'web inaugurated general idea's web site, as a
contribution to aids awareness day.  the site will eventually grow to offer
more, in the meantime, download a screensaver with general idea's famous
aids logo, derived from robert indiana's love logo.

the project was co-produced with the museum of modern art (,
new york, and by artaids, a british-based organization funded by artec and
the arts council of great britain.

on december 10, we launched *vertical blanking interval*, a project by
vivian selbo.

in our context dimension (associates), please check margot lovejoy's *parthenia*

please check *securityland* for a completely remodeled *konsent klinik* (as
of Xmas time, or maybe new year's?)

we'll be back with more news next year.  in the meantime, the whole ada
'web team wishes you a pleasant holiday season, and a happy new year!

john borthwick, cherise fong, ainatte inbal, cheryl kaplan, andrea scott,
vivian selbo, and

benjamin weil
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