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Monday 16th December 96  7:30pm
Backspace   Winchester Wharf  Clink Street London SE1


ADAM DANT on breeze borne artwork,
talking about his daily newpaper,
on the gallerette as a project,
on beginnings and fluidity,
on work that keeps surfacing......

+interactive bandits from rural Wales:
planned video-linkup with CAIIA, Newport reporting on their digital to
physical curation project.

++the STALK web-site prior to its launch in the new year: a brief
presentation on how it can serve as a discursive space for new curatorial
agendas, drawing on issues raised in STALK 1 [2/12/96]:
Rob La Frenais/
Curating in 2096 - beyond the post-Duchampian pile-up and the monophasic
Michael Micz Flor/
Tattoing at birth: the strange necessity of believing the unbelievable, a
survival strategy for the post[industrial/human] society.


curating for the late nineties
Monday evenings 7:30pm.  A chain of presentations based on the work of
independent curators
Hosted by:

Winchester Wharf  Clink Street London SE1
tel +44 171 234 0804

135-139 Curtain Road  London EC2
tel +44 171 613 4743

*a forum to backtrack and re-examine independent work using
focus on work to project new ideas, ideas to project new work.
*live discussions through transnational internet linkups
*experiment and integrate curatorial agendas with new technology

Tickets 2.50  Limited numbers;  early booking ESSENTIAL
Check web site for programme details

or contact stalk at:
tel  +44 171 354 5457    fax  +44 171 704 6834

*LAUNCH*- - 25th November       Backspace
                        2nd December    Mute
                        16th December   Backspace
                        5th January     Mute
                        27th January    Backspace
                        3rd February    Mute
                       24th February    Backspace


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