Thomas Hobbs on Fri, 13 Dec 96 14:02 MET

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nettime: Disclaimer on STALK promo

This promo turned up through nettime from STALK about the curation group 
and this extract said this:

> +interactive bandits from rural Wales:
> planned video-linkup with CAIIA, Newport reporting on their digital to
> physical curation project.

As much as it (and the rest) sounds very interesting and new, I would 
like to amend the
bit about 'digital to physical', it is
web site ( and though its creators
reside at Newport School of Art and Design, it has nothing to do with
CAIIA, this is a separate department from Interactive Art. If this has
upset or confused anyone, it had nothing to do with those responsible for
'Physical to Digital', but they do hope that no one was offended.
On Thur, 12 Dec 1996, stalk wrote:

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