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nettime: ?: ISEA97 Calls for Proposals


Calls for Proposals Now Posted

>From September 22 through 27, Chicago is welcoming the electronic art
world's most exciting thinkers as the host of ISEA97, the Eighth
International Symposium on Electronic Art.  The week-long conference is
organized by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in conjunction with
the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.  Launching the conference are
two days of workshops addressing hands-on technological issues, novel
approaches to teaching in this field and other topics related to electronic
art, defined as all art using electronic technology as an essential
prerequisite for its production.  The subsequent three-day academic
sessions feature keynote and plenary speakers, academic paper sessions,
topical small-group discussions, and exhibitions and events presented by
today's foremost electronic arts scholars and artists.  Many of Chicago's
leading cultural institutions are planning to work in conjunction with
ISEA'97 by hosting special events throughout the week, such as concerts,
performances, and art exhibitions and installations.

The ISEA97 web site: contains the most current
and complete information on this important international event.  Calls for
papers and exhibitions, a short schedule, and discussion groups to develop
topics for small-group panel sessions  to be held during the conference can
also be found on the website.  The site allows easy registration for ISEA97
with substantial discounts in fees for students and for those registering
early.  For those without web access, email or contact the above number
with your name, address, phone and fax.

"CONTENT," the theme of ISEA97, is being approached from many points of
view.  In the decades since McLuhan's observations on media, a profound
change has taken place in the arts.  As computer technology has become
increasingly widespread and affordable, many artists are asking "Now what?"
For years, the challenges for electronic artists have often been the
overcoming of technological barriers and the pioneering of new media.
Today, we find ourselves wrestling with the more perplexing questions of
meaning, content, and social context.  Is the medium still the message?
How are computers shaping the languages of expression for our age?  What
can we say now that we could not say before?  Do these new media change our
vision of ourselves and the world?  How is physical experience, even
architecture, being redefined by the virtual?  Does advancing technological
obsolescence preclude historical continuity?

Past ISEA conferences include 1996, Rotterdam; '95, Montreal; '94,
Helsinki; '93, Minneapolis; '92 Sydney, '90 Groningen; and 1988 Utrecht,
Holland.  The series of symposia was initiated in 1988 by the Inter-Society
for the Electronic Arts in order to support the founding and maintenance of
an international network of organizations and individuals in the field of
electronic arts ("arts" is meant to include all disciplines, not excluding
music, dance, theater, etc.).  The conference serves as a meeting ground
for interdisciplinary involvement among scientists, theorists, academicians
and artists facing the problems and potentials of electronic art.

#     #     #

Jo‘lle Rabion
ISEA97 Conference Coordinator
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Department of Art & Technology
112 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL  60603
312/345-3571 phone
312/541-8078 fax

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