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nettime: Disclaimer Re: Disclaimer on STALK promo

so many thanks for your kind missive and pointing out that CAIIA is an
autonomous entity: its well noted. Here in the metropolitan quagmire, we
just would not have guessed otherwise.
[other than enjoying the privelege of talking to those who possibly use
your resources?]
*digital to physical* is more the theme - a takeaway "take" on for a
possible meaty conversation.
Stalk is a fundamentalist discussion group i.e.informal; oblivious about
crossing territories, or any presumed affiliations.

We are out to sTALK: apologies but,

no hangups at this end....

>This promo turned up through nettime from STALK about the curation group
>and this extract said this:
>> +interactive bandits from rural Wales:
>> planned video-linkup with CAIIA, Newport reporting on their digital to
>> physical curation project.
>As much as it (and the rest) sounds very interesting and new, I would
>like to amend the
>bit about 'digital to physical', it is
>web site ( and though its creators
>reside at Newport School of Art and Design, it has nothing to do with
>CAIIA, this is a separate department from Interactive Art. If this has
>upset or confused anyone, it had nothing to do with those responsible for
>'Physical to Digital', but they do hope that no one was offended.
>On Thur, 12 Dec 1996, stalk wrote:

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