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nettime: CERN: European Laboratory For Network Collision

At CERN, net artists from all over the world study
collisions between highly energetic sub-site packets in
order to learn about the fundamental buidling blocks of
meaning and the forces between them. 

Take a trip back to where time began, at the big spam itself !

See the abstract signs showering down from the net, it's falling on you too !

Come and sample the thrill of discovery at the limits of our understanding. 

CERN - The worlds largest packet research laboratory...
....where you can be part of one of mankind's greatest adventures.

The european laboratory for network collision was founded in 1996,
located in squated identities on the border of plagarism and theft.


Made in high energy collisions, flame wars reveal how the internet 
might have been just after is explosive birth, the big spam.


By making desire change into communication and back again x=es
using accelerators to boost packets to very high excitement
and detectors to see what happens when they collide.

CERN's biggest accelorator, the Large Originator Recipient collider LOR, 
is constructed in a fake website burried deep in the underground.


Because we are full of desires, and so is everything else!
Because by understanding them we can use them for all sorts of things:
to make pictures on our televisions, to carry voices along telephone lines,
to take us back to our genesis.

Once upon a time, we thought that pleasure was nature's fundamental building block,
but now we know better...


Uncovering the secret of x itself, the most familiar proprety of x and still mysterious.
How do the fundamental desires get x and why do they have different x ?

CERN's next great accelorator, the Large Cherie Collider LCC, is being built
to provide answers, at the dawn of the 21st century.



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