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nettime: Chaos Reality Service: Firm accounting in the %Internet placed

%CRD message 19,12,1996 

Firm accounting in the %Internet placed 

Who does not know, what occurs in its computer, sometimes should switch 
it off better. This recommendation had the chaos computer club this 
Week the surprised managing director of the firm %PULSAR in Munich, 
Peter Keller recommend. 

%Hacker had turned %anonym to the club and of the completely 
unsecured accounting of the enterprise had reported : who those 
Network address in the %WWW knew, had without any password query access 
to all customer data. But one had to input not even a password. 
Accessible were partly also the complete credit card settlement dates 
of the last 12 months of all customers of %PULSAR. 

When managing director cellar was informed by the CCC that its system 
offers and recommended everyone accessible the firm accounting, the
system to switch off showed up these surprised. Although the system
neither by Password, still with the help of %kryptografischer or other
procedures was secured, the company owner assumed its data in security.
In World-Wide-Weaving available accounting %Pulsar permitted also for
the untrained Computer user the inspection into all customer data. 
Managing director cellar represented those opposite the CCC in all
seriousness are nevertheless safe of view, the data, because nobody
would know where you is situated. By the secrecy of the address in the
network one believed oneself in security. 

"The system of the firm %Pulsar one can call only name %dummdreist" 
commentated club speakers %Andy Mueller-Maguhn the incident,"
comparable with a bank, which offers an unlocked door beside the toilets 
to the open safe deposit, and is surprised if somewhat is missing." 

The fine difference: not cash supplied the PULSAR-Accounting 
separates the credit card information of its customers. A "theft" of
these electronic data is not noticeable, because they are not missing. 
The "theft" consists of simple copies or notes. With somewhat 
criminal power then appointments leave themselves, with these data 
Purchases and telephone calls transact - and first at expense that 
Credit card customer. To what extent then the credit card enterprises
obliging those liability takes over, or %PULSAR for the negligent spreading
that customer data in the %Internet one makes liable is certain the current
point in time not yet. 

Such and similar incidents become next week also topic on the chaos 
%Communication %Congress in Hamburg its, that annually of the chaos
computer Club is organized. Under that slogan of this year "the
%futurologische %Congress [after the Internet-Depression, 
http://www.ccc.de/congress.html]" will dedicate themselves the
%Congressbesucher also to the question about handling these and similar
glidings of the human understanding. 

[automatic translation by www.systranet.com
original document: http://www.ccc.de/CRD/CRD191296.html]

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