Novica Milic on Sun, 29 Dec 96 11:50 MET

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nettime: Belgrade - 27. december

Dear David & other friends:

Both my vife's mother and father were injured by the police on the
24th of Dec. on demonstration - her mother is in the hospital and waits
for the leg operation.

This evening Kali (@SezamPro.yu, the girl with black hair, Julian
spoke to her during one of the street marches, I remember) was badly 
baeten by the police; she is in the hospital now. 

There were a lot of beaten people tonight - all AFTER the today
demonstrations, when they started to go back home. They were attacked
either by the police itself or by the groops of hooligans who were under
the clear police protection. Especially the journalist (and cameramen)
were aimed by the police attacks (like the reporters from Russian
NTV, Austrian ORF, Associate Press, Reuter). Two (at least) perasons
from the Organizing Comittee of Student Protest '96 were also beaten

We are at the edge of civil war in Serbia. The Belgrade is a kind
of a besieged city. It is a sort of the unofficial martial low
situation. Some 20,000 policemen have been brought into the town
in the last 2-3 days. The regime media (TV, radio, newspapers)
keep producing the worst propaganda against the citizens ("traitors
of the people", "foreign agents", "the fifth column" and the like).

What will happen in the next days, no one can tell at the moment.
However, we will continue with our protests. Tomorrow is the
funeral of the men who was killed 3 days ago during the demos.

You can help by spreading the infos of what's going on here.

Yrs, Novim@sezampro.yu

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