Robert Adrian on Mon, 30 Dec 96 23:58 MET

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nettime: 1997 Kunstradio Celebrates!

Dear Nettimers:

A new DDLL line has been installed for KUNSTRADIO in a studio
of the ORF (Austrian National Radio). This new facility will allow
artists to  combine works for radio with the audio/visual capacity
of the WWW.
To celebrate the event Kunstradio decided to improvise a 24 Hour
round-the-world welcome for the new year.

So ... starting on Dec.31 at 12 noon CET, KUNSTRADIO will wish a
happy new year to the Fiji Islands with Live RealAudio, Live Video
and IRC. The celebrating will continue untill New Years Eve peters
out around Hawaii. There are bound to be a few stragglers awake
to sign off by noon on Jan.1

Providing that everything works as planned ... and if you feel like
joining in ...have a look at :

If you don't make it ... Happy 1997 anyway.

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