Drazen Pantic on Tue, 31 Dec 96 14:34 MET

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nettime: Happy New Year from B92


at the evening before the last day in the 1996, nothing is certain in
Serbia, except that there will be huge rally meetings on the streets of
cities for the New Years Eve. Students, demonstrants and just supporters of
human decency will be out, waiting TOGETHER for the 1997 year. 

We have seen everything in the last month: people determined to peacefully
reach their democratic rights, jamming and banning of the Radio B92 and
other independent media, putting B92 back to ear (and on Internet),
Milosevic's and opposition' rally in the same day in the same place with
human casualties, police beating people (even 12 years old girl!), part of
army sending letter of support to students. Everything, but recognition of
electional victory of opposition parties in sities.

Now, we shall step in the new year, hopping that it will be the good one for
all. B92 wish to thank for the enormous support and encouragement we have
received and still receive during these days of crisis. We thank to all our
friends all over the world and wish us all more tolerant and less dynamic year.

The part of the atmosphere from the streets one can listen on the B92 live
realaudio broadcast link from http://www.xs4all.nl/opennet.

Salute to all!
Drazen Pantic

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