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<nettime> queer as net

You are cordially invited....

        |                Sex-ing the Form:              |
        |  Queer Art and Polymorphous Creative Practice |

                A Queer Multimedia Extravaganza

An evening of creative multimedia art exhibits and presentations that
transgress the dominant codes of sexuality and representation.

To be held offline at California State University, Northridge
     in Music Building 238
and online at DaMOO <telnet://>
and DaWeb <>

Sponsored by LesBiGayTrS <>
The Institute for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Studies
California State University, Northridge

May 6, 1997
5-8 PM Pacific Standard Time


        Online Performance by Gashgirl of VNS Matrix

        Online and Offline Performance by Donald Hall of CSUN

        Online Discussion led by Cynthia Fuchs of George Mason University

        Online Discussion led by musician Laura Bowly

        Online exhibit by Earl Jackson, Jr. of University of California
        at Santa Cruz

        Online exhibit by Jan Ramjerdi of CSUN

        Offline exhibits by Alan Mills and Christian Hite of CSUN

        Online play by Monica Turner of CSUN

        And other events yet to be announced....

Visit our web page for further details:

For MOO participation instructions visit:

Contact Person:  Ben Attias <>

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