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Thursday, June 5th
Registration 6Cyberconf. 

15:00  Opening 
15:45  Keynote speaker Allucquère Rosanne Stone. 
16:45  Kathy Rae Huffman, Armin Medosch, Florian Roetzer, Mark Tribe.
Cyberspace Metaphor? Community/content/interface: on publishing in

18:00  Reception at the City Hall of Oslo. 

Friday, June 6th
09:30  Steve Pettifer, Adrian West. Cyberspace metaphor?: Worlds within
Worlds: on the mapping  of cyberspace. 
10:15  Coffee break 
10:30  Keynote speaker Pierre Lévy: The essence of Cyberculture: an
universality without totality. 

11:30  Thecla Schiphorst. Hacking the future body?: h[a]untings . . .
.sense & absence: the disappearance of the  sensual body in technological
12:15  Discussion 
12:30  Lunch 
13:30  Marcos Novak. Hacking the future body? AVATARCHITECTURE: Fashioning
Vishnu In Spacetime. 
14:15  Sally Jane Norman. Hacking the future body? Webbed feet. 
15:00  Discussion 
15:30  Coffee break 
16:00  Calin Dan. Zones/Inter-action: «Happy Doomsday!» 
16:45  Taseer Ahmad. Zones/Inter-action 
17:30  Discussion 
18:00  End 
19:30  Panel debate (with keynote speakers and special guests) at The
University Aula 
22:00  Opening of Exhibition e~on at the House of Art (Kunstnernes Hus).
Interactive art exhibition. 


Saturday, June 7th
09:30  Manuell De Landa. Zones/Inter-action: Intelligent Interfaces. 
10:15  Coffee break 
10:30  Janet Rolph Richardson. Virtual Subjects On The Road:  Constructing
and Engaging Virtual Body-Mind in an Interactive  Animated Cyberspace
11:15  Barbra Becker. Virtual Subjects On The Road: The empty space:
Fictional identities and the absence of the body. 
12:00  Discussion 
12:30  Lunch 
13:30  Special Guest: Suzanne Meszoly 
14:30  Patricia Futterer. Virtual Subjects On The Road: The designed self:
cyborgs and the architecture of fantasy. 
14:15  Keynote speaker Arthur and Marilouise Kroker: Slow suicide in the
15:15  Discussion 
15:30  Coffee break 
16:00  Jeremy Welsh. Zones /Inter-action: Zones - Interzones. 
16:45  Kristian Simsarian, Lennart Fahlén, (+): Zones /Inter-action 
17:30  Discussion 
18:00  End 
20:30  Banquet Dinner 

Sunday, June 8th
10:00  Keynote speaker Florian Rötzer: Attention - the main ressource of
information society 
11:00  Discussion 
11:30  Coffee break 
12:00  Jeff Taylor. Laboratories for collaboration: The Media Space Lab -
Confronting Audiovisual Culture at the  Millennium 
12:45  End  

Main location: All speakers/papers will present at the University of Oslo,
Helga Enghs Building,
auditorium 2. 

Other locations:

the opening cocktail will take place at the City Hall of Oslo.

The public event (with keynote speakers and special guest) will take place
at the University  Aula.

The exhibition e~on will take place at The House of Art (Kunstnernes Hus).

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