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<nettime> pgMedia, Inc. vs. Network Solutions, Inc. PARTY! hits network solutions with antitrust suit - - and
invite you to our web party and legal fundraiser at

11 East 4th Street 2F Buzzer #1
New York, NY 10003

Friday, 5-9-97, 7pm (EDT) till...

register a name in
create a virtual home page
bring images to scan

if you're not live in NYC you can still see
the event on our webcam
and register from wherever you are!

check out the party at

switch your PC or Mac to with one click

Paul Garrin

apologies if you got this twice
or if you do not support the freeing of the internet.

for more information on the Anti-Trust action

pgMedia, Inc. d/b/a/


Network Solutions, Inc.

please go to

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