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<nettime> Counter-C--o Award Ceremony

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Subject: Counter-C--o Award Ceremony

We invite you to join us for a very special event on the evening of
Tuesday, May 13 in New York City. The Media & Democracy Congress, in
conjunction with California Newsreel, is hosting the first annual
Counter-C--o Awards Ceremony. (The Clios are the "Oscars of commercials,"
and we just received a letter from a Chicago law firm stating that the use
of the mark "Clio" as part of our event's name "indicates or somehow
infers" that their client -- the Clio organizers -- are somehow involved in
the Counter-C--o event. They aren't.)

The Counter-C--o Award Ceremony will begin promptly at 7:30 PM at New York
University's Cantor Center. The Center is located at 36 E. 8th Street. We
will kick-off the evening with the NYC premiere screening of "The Ad and
the Ego" -- an outstanding film which highlights the links between
advertising, consumer culture and larger social issues. A magnificent cast
of advertising critics and scholars will then bestow the 1997 C.C. awards.
All awards will be created and presented by the individual speakers.

A reception will precede the event. Please join us at Time Cafe's "Fez
Lounge" (380 Lafayette @ Great Jones) from 5-7:15 PM. Tickets to the
Counter-C--os are $10 ($5 for students and seniors) and can be reserved by
calling 212-580-3417. We are receiving a significant amount of press in New
York for the event, and strongly urge you to reserve tickets immediately if
you would like to attend.

A list of presenters and awards follows. More information on the event can
be found on our website:

Hope to see you later this month.

Best wishes,

Viveca Greene
Media & Democracy Congress Coordinator


Neil Postman -- Master of Ceremonies
Neil Postman - critic, writer, educator and communications theorist - is
Chair of New York University's Department of Culture and Communications. He
is the author of 20 books, including Amusing Ourselves to Death,
Technopoly, and The End of Education.

Marcia Ann Gillespie: "The More Things Change the More You Ensure Things
Stay the Same Award"
(Special Presentation: The 10 Worst of Ms. magazine's "No Comment!")
Marcia Ann Gillespie is Editor in Chief of Ms. magazine. Prior to this
recent appointment, Gillespie served as Executive Editor of Ms. and as the
Editor in Chief of Essence magazine.

Leslie Savan: "Excellence in Blaxploitation"
Leslie Savan writes a column about advertising called "Op Ad" for The
Village Voice.  She is a three time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in
criticism and is the author of The Sponsored Life: Ads, TV and American

Mark Crispin Miller: "The Aldous Huxley Award" for the most disarming
vision of totalitarianism
Mark Crispin Miller is a professor of Media Studies at Johns Hopkins
University and the author of Boxed In: The Culture of TV.

Charles Kernaghan: Special Lifetime Achievement Award (TBA)
Charles Kernaghan is the Director of the National Labor Committee, an
independent, nonprofit human rights organization fouces on the issue of
worker and human rights.Jean Kilbourne: "Finest of Auto-Eroticism"

Jean Kilbourne: "The Finest of Auto-Eroticism Award"
Jean Kilbourne is an internationally known media critic, lecturer and
writer. Her films include: Killing Us Softly, Slim Hopes: Advertising and
the Obsession with Thinnesssand Pack of Lies.

Jeff Chester & Kathryn Montgomery: "Oh, What a Tangled Web(site) You Weave"
for the website that most craftily ensnares children
Jeff Chester & Kathryn Montgomery are , respectively, the Executive
Director and President of the Washington DC.-based Center for Media
Education (CME).

Pat Aufderheide: "The Hype-ocrisy Award"
Pat Aufderheide is a professor of communications at American University.

John Stauber: "The Toxic Sludge is Good for You Award" for the advertising
best disguised as journalism
John Stauber edits and writes the quarterly publication PR Watch. He is the
co-author of Toxic Sludge Is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public
Relations Industry.

Matt Weiland: "The 'We're Down with the Workers' Award"
Matt Weiland is Managing Editor at The Baffler.

Makani Themba: "The Jimmy the Greek Big Black Buck Award for the Most
Demeaning Target-Marketing Campaign"
Makani Themba is Co-Director of The Praxis Project: a media and policy
center based in Oakland, CA. She is also chair of the Media & Democracy
Congress Coordinating Committee.

Viveca S. Greene
Media & Democracy Congress Coordinator
Institute for Alternative Journalism
77 Federal Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

ph 415.284.1429
fax 415.284.1414

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