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<nettime> Who Owns the Seeds of Hope

Who Owns the Seeds of Hope
by Jorge Bollanos
>PS.  I would like to patent the intellectual concept of Irredentus
(although I stole the word from a title which I have encountered in other
people's list of references, but I have never seen a real copy, a book by
Gustavo Aleman Bolanos, written in 1931, Nicaragua: el pais de los
irredentos.  Is it possible to patent the concept?  Then, every Nicaraguan
would have to PAY ME ROYALTIES since the moment he/she is BORN, and the more
UNREEDEMABLE he/she becomes, the fees must be higher.  Shit, it's even a
better RIP-OFF that taxes, fees to feudal lords, "diezmos" to the Church to
guarantee heaven, "protection fees" to Mafia bodyguards so your property is
duly protected, etc, etc.  Is this so because those old schemes are now seen
outdated and it's the same OLD BULLSHIT disguised under newer schemes, more
subtle, yuppie, gringo way of parasiting others and even under goverment
protection and legal basis (the patent office)?  (And imagine after
globalization, billions of people under your collection shemes, who-ever
made it FIRST to the patent office).
>Or, is it really your property since it's the product of your neuronal
masturbations (synapses between the multiple dendrites of neurons in
perpetual orgies exchanging K and Ca fluxes to polarize and depolarize (get
excited and un-excited) (sex is also called fluid interchange between
individuals) ??  If so, can a "intellectual product" have a solid legal
basis when it's actually the product of "illegal", "inmoral" and the
irresistible urge of neurons to orgy ??  i.e., does the end therefore
justify the means?  They (neurons) are probably fairly UNREEDEMABLE
(luckily). Thus, we should collect royalties from all individuals who have
neurons pre-disposed to orgy.  How can we test it: cat-scans??
>Is anyone of you familiar with the legal decrees of goverments re:
intellectual property??
>Can we make MONEY thru such scheme??  If so, then......let's do so.
>Money is the BEST EQUIVALENT OF HUMAN FREEDOM !!  At least today and now.
>And it's not money's fault that some humans do NOT use it well....don't
blame money for lack of good synapses and it's use thereafter.....blame
>Irredentus degeneratus.

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