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<nettime> forum: issue#2

Year Zero One Forum  Issue #2

Year Zero One announces the launching of Issue #2, the second edition of
our forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice through on-line
critical essays, reviews, news, and views. Featured in the current issue is
"Magnitude Absolute" a review of the recent exhibition by the MAN-size
collective by Harold Alegria Ortiz; "Archive: Narrative" news about Archive
Digital Librarary by David Buller; "Digital Photo Essay" a visual survey of
art activity in Toronto by Bill Braithwaite; and "the Designer With A
Thousand Faces' views about the dismantling of the Typography trade in the
digital revolution by Harold Alegria Ortiz.

Year Zero One is an innovative Toronto based visual art site designed to
offer an on-line venue for artists, galleries, and arts related
organisations. Our site features a valuable resource guide for artists and
a directory of international and local on-line galleries and artist sites.


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