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<nettime> Drugs in Amsterdam

Drugs in Amsterdam
An Evaluation of the Situation with Drugs in Amsterdam days before the
Amsterdam Summit

by: Hannes Vegter Rob Zweetsloot

This is an article about drugs in Amsterdam. As You might know drugs are
one of the main sources of income in the Amsterdam economy. This has been
so since almost 750 years. It is even right to say that the whole succes
and wealth of the capital of the Netherlands is based on importing and
transitting drugs for the whole of Europe. In the last few years a new
industry emerged, because Amsterdam is the number one city in the whole
world in producing this fantastic new product of the current economic slum,
XTC. But now. with the coming of the Eurotop In Amsterdam, this economic
succes is under siege, thanks to the politics of the new  mayor Schelto
Patijn. For the past months the Netherlands as a whole have had to face
international pressure from espescially France's President Chirac on the
Dutch view on how to handle the drugsproblem. Clear facts and figures have
shown that the Dutch approach to this worldwide problem have paid off.
Offcourse, the severe problems with how to handle the harddrugsproblem also
have bothered the Dutch government, again Amsterdam, being the mayor city
where these problems occur has had to to learn to deal with this. But the
semi-legalization with softdrugs in Amsterdam is a clear advantage to the
way other cities in foreign countries have not handled the situation. The
use of marihuana  is known not to be harmful and as the most importent
member of the Green Party, Leo Jacobs even advises the Amsterdam Mayor, Mr
Patijn to smoke a joint once a while to relax. This important step in
accepting the fact that we need the freedom to allow our Amsterdam citizens
to use substances that either comfort them, brighten them up or whatever
makes 'em happy , should be picked up by the prominent European leaders.
Instead of abolishing the drugproblem as something not existent, they
have the guts to face that  drugs are here to stay, and the best way to
handle it is the way we did it in Amsterdam. Offcourse, Mr Patijn has made
some subtle differences in this policy.
The age of marihuana is here to stay whether the politcians like it or not,
because whatever tthey might say, the city is run by the druglords since
mankind can remember. This also is the case for cocaine, heroine, XTC,
speed, uppers, downers and all other sorts of drugs. So we can say
Amsterdam is drug capitol of the western hemosphere, and nothing is going
to change that. So fuck you, anti drug activists, and shove it up your ass.
In centuries past, when the  dangerous substances of coffee was forbidden
in the world, Amsterdam already had coffeehouses where men could socialize
and drink their coffee. We know now that the caffeine in this drink is some
sort of addictive, but not very very dangerous. In these times the
consumation of softdrugs should not be a problem. It is as simple as that,
Mr Patijn could tell you that also. We are all just pregnant of little
zebras, as killer O.J. used to say. So, it is not a freak circus, but the
use of  softdrugs, darlings , there is no problem, as long as you  keep out
of the harddrugs dangerzone.
Snorting up white powder has become something of a fashionable habit in
snobby  discothques around here, but hey, cocaine never goes out of
fashion. Most important thing to remember though is that there's no real
harm in that stickie. It has been here since the Sixties and it is never
going to away. We just need to communicate more. It is no way to handle the
drugproblem by wishing it was not here, let's face it, our GOVERNMENTS have
failed dramatically in handling the drugs. Drugs are here to stay and come
and have a look in Amsterdam. We  know how to handle this ici, even if Mr
Patijn is panically closing discotheques to be in favor of France and
Germany. It is very very sad that the pioneers, again the Amsterdam people,
are forced to undergo the conservative forces running away from the
problem. Cowardice is something we do not  appreciate in Amsterdam.  The
war declared on drugs by the Americans is a ridicously funny
Hollywood-production. Colonel Noriega could tell you a tale or two about
the drug trade. It is widely known that American government officials have
been heavily involved in the drugtrade. It is not a bad thing, drugs are
very profitable, the Dutch could tell you that. But the approach of
ignoring the drugs, not a very wise one. What we need know now is that
drugs, there is a need for it , so why don't we accept it?
By forbidding it, you just create more problems. So, action is needed know,
Mariuana, mama, it is your baby, love it like your papa.

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