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De Humaniora Afdeling van                       de Centrale Bibliotheek van
Amsterdam                   maakt de directeur van het
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam                      attent op het boek
Die Romantische Schule,                         Zur
Geschichte der Religion                             und Philosophie in
Deutschland                          van Heinrich Heine.
'Tijdelijke Maagdelijke Plek':  van 13 mei 1997
tot 13 mei 1998.                                The Humaniora
Department of                     the Central Library of Amsterdam
brings the following book,                              The
Romantic School,                            a Contribution to the History
of Religion                               and Philosophy in Germany
by Heinrich Heine                       to the
attention of  the Director of the
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
'Temporal Virgin Site':  from May 13 1997
to  May 13 1998.                        1.      Joseph Semah:
temporal virgin site, 1982-3, collection the Hallisch Frankisches Museum,
Schwabisch Hall, Germany. watercolor washes, ink and pencil on paper,
(21x30)cmm.      'Yaken hazen                ' hence the Initials of the
words : hare hunting ; was derived from Judaism (the Ashkenaz, traditional
name for Germany, European Jewry) about 700 years to the counting of the
Christians, in the area ( of the present Germany ) YAIEN      /wine,
KIDUSH        /sanctification (ceremonial blessing over wine or bread),
NERR         /candle, HAVDALAH           /distinction, divide, ceremony at
the conclusion of Sabbaths and holidays, and ZMANN           /time.
(Leviticus, XI, 6, ..And the hare, because he cheweth the cud,but divideth
not the hoof; he is unclean unto you .....). The four words established in
fact the Initials as Hasen Jagen ; that is the theoretical part of Kidush (
hare hunting) (1).  (However (it is possible that), from this stage on,
Judaism embarked upon her encounter with sexuality (Hunting) in the
Christian's realm (Catholicism), although the course has been modified to
political, and therefore to theological virtue.  The Christian claim was
the display of a seductive being, and the idolatry (the other's rituals),
namely the Jewish divine service, became an expression of bloodshed (the
Initials). Any deviation from the established Christian's norm should be
perceived as a betrayal of the bond (with  hare-hunting). This is however a
difficult Jewish pornography: The Judaism of monotheism (as established
through her Initials) displayed a loyal monogamy as the password  for one
God, one religion, and somehow ( also one country) on the other hand the
hare, which does not possess ( any real territory), as well as the
religious heresy towards the Christian dominion, became associated with
perversion; the hare was transformed, from its Initials into a sound which
could have built a new world in the Christian's realm. Hence, the so-called
unethical deeds became a symbol; The biblical hero (hence, the text). The
written words were revealed as a symbol of gilgul neshamot :
spirit-transformation; Elohiem         >       ADAM the first male > Yeshu
Jesus > Elohiem   Adam > Hare > Judaism; an exhilaration designed to gaze
at Christianity and into its best concealed secrets ( the legacy of
Havdalah) ranging from sand, a simple day of the week > to the sacred, the
chair, the Shabbath. (1):The two words YAKEN HAZZEN when spoken out loudly
infront of a German speaking person may enjoy a different meaning; hence-
YAKEN HAZEN                       becomes  hare hunting;               2.
Joseph Semah: Wie man einem toten deutschen Künstler das Hasen Jagen
erklärt; 1996,    1 cast bronze hare, electrical wire, 1 neon light's tube,
edition of VII,  Courtesy  Nouvelles Images, Den Haag
De 364  dagen durende   Temporal Virgin Site    is samengesteld door
gastconservator Joseph  Semah, met steun van    het Amsterdams Fonds
voor de Kunst.          De opening  in de       Centrale Bibliotheek
Prinsengracht 587       Amsterdam       vindt plaats op         dinsdag 13
mei 1997    om 18.00 uur.                   'Comparative Performances'
door Joseph Semah               * Von  der Freiheit eines
Christenmenschen        Humaniora Afdeling      Centrale Bibliotheek
Prinsengracht  587      Amsterdam       dinsdag 13 mei 1997     om 18.00
uur            * Dingo: 'I like Holland        and Holland likes me'   Art
Book        van Baerlestraat 126    Amsterdam       vrijdag 16 mei 1997
om 18.00 uur            * Wie man einem toten   deutschen Künstler das
Hasen Jagen erklärt     Break Point     Prinsengracht 491       Amsterdam
donderdag 22 mei 1997   om 18.00 uur            * West-östlicher Divan
Cristofori piano's & vleugels   Prinsengracht  581      Amsterdam
woensdag 28 mei 1997    om 17.00 uur

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