Vuk Cosic on Thu, 15 May 1997 04:28:52 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Beauty and the East Second Call

ho all
this time it's the technical stuff....and there's more to come.


Wednesday 21.5.
21:00 CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE (USA) - active presentation Galerija
22:30 VIDEO LOOP PROGRAM - Galerija Kapelica 

Thursday, 22.5.
10:30 LJUDMILA - related presentations, reports, announcements
and provocations (Alexei Shulgin, Heath Bunting, Andreas Broeckmann,
Pit Schultz, Diana McCarty.). 
13:00 Break 
14:00 LJUDMILA - omnifire debate: Push Media Planets, Collaborative 
Archives and Discourse Machines (David Bennahum, David Hudson, Paul 
Garrin, Matt Fuller ...) chair persons: Geert Lovink 
<>, Pit Schultz <> 
21:00 klub K4, Talk by 
Peter Lamborn Wilson, 
22:30 klub K4 or better go away

Friday, 23.5.
10:30 LJUDMILA - activism related presentations, reports,
announcements and provocations (Drazen Pantic, Branka Milicic Davic,
Vuk Cosic.)
13:00 Break
14:00 LJUDMILA - omnifire debate: Power Politics: Virtual Europe, 
Ministate Thinking and the Construction of the Data East (Marina 
Grzinic, Tamas Bodoky, Alla Mitrofanova, Miran Mohar...) chair 
persons: Inke Arns <>, Calin Dan 
21:00 klub K4 Theory-Performance by CRITICAL 
22:00 Random Logic (SI), live act, and KOTAI +  MO, 
live act and DJ of ELEKTRO, Berlin, video loops by Daniel Pflumm + 
regular program (with B2MEN, Budapest) 

The focus of the afternoon discussions is not different than in the
first call, and is only getting sharper with some names for the
blitz/keynote-lectures appearing. please contact chair persons.

In connection with the conference, the fourth Nettime publication,
ZKP4,  will be printed in a run of 10,000. It is a good moment to
announce that the layout is in course and that superprobably our new
nettime product will be done by the beginning of the conf. If all is
right, you can expect the table of contents to arive just after this

BEAUTY AND THE EAST is hosted by Ljudmila (Ljubljana Digital Media
Lab, Open Society Institute - Slovenia) 


I would like to ask everybody that is coming to Ljubljana and haven't
notified the organizers, that there might be the risk of not finding
the lodging because of the major official culture festival going on in
town.... so call.

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