Geert Lovink on Thu, 15 May 1997 18:43:25 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> sexriot in amsterdam


June 15th, 15:00 hours Sharp
Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam.

During the euro summit, Amsterdam will be a FREE.EUROPEAN.SEX.ZONE.

For people who succesfully explore their sexual development and sexual
boundaries, there will be a SEX STAGE on the NIEUWMARKT... so we welcome

Why is your ERO SUMMIT near the WAAG  building?
On all levels STATE.SEX is omnipotent. S.S. is the most powerful WEAPON
one can use. After the burning to death of HERETICS and WITCHES, here on
the WAAG Square, mostly on account of sexuality, we understood that even
abstract powers during the FRENCH REVOLUTION could be toppled, by
sexualizing them. The nobility were depicted as sexual monsters... in a
sense it was a moralistic act, but at least we were laughing. The only
thing YOU have to do is to watch the new faces of the EU leaders, and
judge what will happen to your FUTURE-SEX when your SEX-POLICY is in
danger, and you act. Diogenes masturbated on the AGORA in ATHENS and
shouted: "The modern citizen digests everything."

The Biggest BED in EUROPE
Power produces pornography; there is no place for alternative
sexstreams in the NEW EUROPE. As we know, the recent sexual controversy 
within the Belgian state is symptomatic for a European style: puritanic,
calvinistic, FRENCH/GERMAN dominated. EU-porn language is related to the
market, to which everybody is subjected. Like regulated US-imported
silicon entertainment and secret sexual CONSPIRACIES.

The most subversive is STATE SEX. Now the orgy of POWER can be
democratized. The present day PORN INFRASTRUCTURE is unsuitable for
this purpose - YET. The EU prepares the introduction of the EURO, just as
if it was the most ordinary business. Our post-historic SEX-RIOTING is a
tribute to our predecessors. SEXUAL OPPOSITION is legitimate throughout
history. We will always be on the street. Honour to anababtiste,
streakers, sponties, Wastelandbridge, Rock-Bitch and Artporn... We
celebrate our own ERO SUMMIT! SHOW your own hyper-individual-sexuality!

Conform or riot? This sunny SEXRAVE allows everythin and anything
goes! Take what you can get...COME TO THE NIEUWMARKT, AMSTERDAM.
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