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<nettime> Z K P 4 / FULL TOC / COLOPHON

(sorry for reposting, here is the extended full version of the 
mighty zkp4  content, please contact or if you want to order zkp4, authors will get 25
copies each, if you are coming to the nettime meeting please 
bring a big bag! /p)

 Z K P 4                   B E A U T Y  A N D  T H E  E A S T   
                              T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S 


 Towards a Data Critique
     Frank Hartmann                                         4
     Gabor Bora                                             5
     Mark Dery                                              6
 As Above, [So Below]
     Critical Art Ensemble                                  7
 Technoculture and the Religious Imagination
     Erik Davis                                             9
 The Long Dark Phone-in of the Soul
     Matthew Fuller                                        11
 In Praise of the Telegraph System
     Patrice Riemens                                       13
 Electronic Marginality
     Ravi Sundaram                                         14
 Orientalist Aesthetics & Techno formalism
     Tapio Maekelae                                        15
 Space of Freedom
     Igor Markovic                                         16
 The Art of Being Independent
     Geert Lovink                                          17
 No eastern Media-Normality
     Inke Arns, Andreas Broeckmann                         17
 What is a Media Activist?
     Toshiya Ueno                                          21
 Is There Any Media Criticism That Isn't Suicidal?
     Attila Kotanyi                                        23
 Hypno Politics and Hyper State Control
     Konrad Becker                                         23 
 Play with me!
     Oliver Marchart                                       26 
 A Network of Castles
     Peter Lamborn Wilson                                  27


 Nettalk: an interview with McKenzie Wark
     Connie Stanley                                        28
 Name.Space: an Interview with Paul Garrin
     Pit Schultz                                           29
 Information Inequality, Herbert I. Schiller
     Geert Lovink                                          31
 Free Software, an Interview with Richard Stallman
     David S. Bennahum	                                   31


 I was in Belgrade, a late night nostalgia
     Vuk Cosic		                                   34
 Impressions from non-virtual Internet trips
     Drayen Pantic                                         35 Waves in the Web
     Josephine Bosma                                       35 
 The Situation in Albania
     Edward Muka                                           37 
 The Whistle of a Neanderthaler
     Rastko Mocnak                                         37 
 Geeks in Space
     Kathy Rae Huffm an                                    38 
 The Great Wired Way
     Andrew Ross                                           39 
     David Hudson                                          39
 Fe-Mail & He-Mail: The Flirtnet
     Vladislava Gordia                                     40 
 The Dictatorship of Good Will
     Calin Dan                                             41
 From an International Forum on Globalization
     Steve Cisler                                          43 
 Virtual Diplomacy
     Ivo Skoric                                            45
 How France is jumping on the techno-liberal...
     Christine Treguier                                    46 
 From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials
     Vladimir Muzhesky                                     46 
 Technological Prostheses: An Anecdote
     Phoebe Sengers                                        49

 NET.ART on nettime, an introduction
     Robert Adrian                                          4
 re: Nettimers Compilation			    8
 David Garcia, Olia Lialina, Alexei Shoulgin,
 Robert Adrian, Rachel Baker, Josephine Bosma,
 Dirk Paesmans, Joan Heemskerk, Lennart van
 Oldenborgh, John Hopkins, Jeremy Welsh,
 Jordan Crandall

 Nothing to be Learned Here About Electronic Art
     Arjen Mulder                                          38 
 What is :-)?
     Joachim Blank                                         40 
 Interview with Alexei Shulgin
     Josephine Bosma                                       44 
 Remove the Controls
     Andreas Broeckmann                                    48 
 Something about Flatness
     Calin Dan                                             55 
 Beyond Despair: A New Living in Art
     Mark Stahlman                                         55 
 The Final Content
     Pit Schultz                                           56 
 Art in the Present 
     Janos Sugar                                           57 
 The Work of Art In The Age of Virtual Republishing
     Mark Amerika                                          60 
 Fast Cars, Hard Sounds, Media in Media
     Melita Zajc                                           60 
 The Retro-Avant Garde Movement in Ex-Yugoslavia
     Marina Grzinic - Mauhler                              62 
 Post-Information Utopia
     Irina Aktuganova                                      58

 A Push Media Critique
     Geert Lovink                                           4
 Nettimers compilation                                     12
     David Mandl,Tilman Baumgaertel, Lucia Mare,
     Janis Garancs, Michael Sippey, David Hudson,
     Rebecca Eisenberg, Steve Carlson 
 Don't let you Push!Don't Pull! Network Thinking & Acting
     Heiko Idensen                                         22
 Push Media Commercialisation of the Net
     Stefan Krempl                                         38
 A Pull Media Story: From Memex to the Web
     Herbert A. Meyer                                      40 
 Closed Encounters: From the Madding Mailing List
     David Mandl                                           48


     McKenzie Wark                                          4
 Nettimers compilation                                      8
 Language? No Problem
     Geert Lovink                                           8
 Two Letters on Language                                   22
 Re: English 
     Rafael Lozano-Hemmer                                  32
     Diego Marani                                          36
 Word Hacking: Writing in Cyberspace
     Armin Medosch                                         46 
 2 Keywords for the Digital Text: Object and Protocol
     Alexander Galloway                                    54 
 Re: 2 Keywords
     Frank Hartmann                                        60


 The Letter of Support for Alexander Brener
     Eda Cufer and Irwin                                   49
     Eric Kluitenberg                                      50 
 About the People's Communication Charter
     People's Communication Charter                        51 
 The Digital Artisans Manifest
     EDAN                                                  52 
 The Media Collective
     Jesse Hirsh			                   53 
 The ABC of Tactical Media
     David Garcia/Geert Lovink	                           53 
 Command, Communications and Control in Eastern Europe
     Marko Peljhan                                         55

 included in the Push Thread from: 
    Alan Sondheim, Bruce Sterling, Andreas Broeckmann,
    Janos Sugar and others                                 54

    Jodi, Heath Bunting, Alexei Shulgin, Vuk Aosia, Luka Frelih, 
    Rasa Smite, Michael Sippey, Josephine Starrs, and others 


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     Irena Woelle
     John Brady Fox
     Zoran Obradovic, Mitja Doma, Janos Sugar, David Hudson
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      <>, part of Open Society Institute,
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