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No Subject

dragi vuce,

evo da sklepam nesto za tebe. bicu vrlo kratka. inace dobre vesti mi
stizu povodom ovog mog ludila; zainteresovala sam neke mlade ljude na
novom gradskom radiju koji zele izvestaj iz ljubljane. tako mi lepo
spremi materijale, ne samo o konferenciji, nego malo i o ljudmili tj.
o vasem radu poslednjih 6 meseci (zanimljivi novi programi, projekti itd.)
da se malo reklamiramo. to je sve jako dobro za opstu net stvar. mozda
stvarno ima nade!!!! a sad predjimo na stvar. saljem ti materijal na engleskom
da ti ustedim pare za prevodioca.


        Last decade was a decade of separation in Yugoslav region.
        Separation came trough political reality supported by all
        goverment media as well as so called "independent" media.
        Everyone spoke against each other in order to create a new,
        separated reality.So, finaly, there were (and still are)
        borders on all levels: borders between states, borders between
        parties, borders between cities, borders between reach and poor,
        borders between colegues, borders between refugees with money
        and refugees without money, borders between human beings.
        People were working on it. Lot of them.

        Time was passing by. Country stayed isolated, people even more.
        What about Internet? Internet was somwhere else. Even if we count
        first attempt of young people in Belgrade on March 1991, big efforts
        of Radio B92 during 96/97 street-revolution, we still have Separation
        in our society.Media politic is still the same. Thats why we desperately
        need Internet among us. The only possible way to distribute informations
        without censorships scissors could be trough independent and
        non-comercial Internet links. And now is time to create such links.
        It is not enough to put as many names as possible on mailing lists
        which are existing abroad. We need our own Internet community
        which will conect people inside the country, with its main dutu to
        assure them access to informations  of all sorts, from all fields
        as well as access to international mailing lists.

        The very first step on this road is CIBERNS. What exactly it is?
        CYBERNS is a Project which has two parts.First part of the Project
        is local mailing list or "net", as we call it, which ,as the
        first goal has distribution of informations and texts within Novi Sad
        Internet community. In the same time CYBERNS must be connected
        with other non-profit and independent mailing lists in Yugoslavia
        and abroad.The second part of the Project should be electronic
        media research lab with a task to educate as well as to support
        Internet projects in future.But it will be no easy job to organize
        such thing in Yugoslavia. There are still deep economical crisis
        which results in money problem which results further in lack of
        technical equipment. And there are still visible separation problems,
        which should be solved very soon if we hope to get out of isolation.
        What do we need? We need support, not just financial, but also
        education trough workshops, exchanging ideas and projects and
        practical presentations of Internet art in public.
        If we are going to stay closed in a small community, all
        work will be in wain. So,lets try to make that dream truth. We
        need you as advisors, as a supporters, as a friends. NOW!

         branka, cyberns, 1997, May 12th

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