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<nettime> Beauty & the east: FIRST DAY DEBATE

N E T T I M E  S P R I N G  M E E T I N G / B E A U T Y  A N D  T H E  E A S T



Keynotes on Net.history:

  How Computers Came to Be Cool
           David Bennahum, NYC, <davidsol@panix.com>

>OR, how scientists working on Command, Control, and Communications inspired 
>a generation of people to believe computers are a catalyst for global 
>enlightenment. OR, how LSD, cybernetics and computer graphics spawned a
>cybernetic hippie-mafia called the digirati. OR, how self-organization,
>natural selection, and psychedelics fused with free-market theories to
>produce the myth of digital nirvana. OR, how God returned through the
>back-door of chaos.

  Ideology as Alibi: Seduction, 1991
          David Hudson, San Francisco/Berlin, <dwh@berlin.snafu.de>

>It was in 1991 when the Accepted Use Policies (AUP) which originally
>prohibited any for-profit use of the Internet were dropped. The Net was
>open for business. The unique many-to-many model of communication ("small
>media") succumbed to the temptation of money; since then, ideologies,
>wired, tired or otherwise, have been entertaining but futile!

is an open discussion intermitted by blitzlectures between 10
and 20 minutes on various related topics brought in by net-theorists and
practicioners from different fields and cultures. two microphones will
cross the audience and threads are emerging around the main lines:
What is content? How do we do it? please prepare to be prepared!  

/ beyond the push media thread
/ how to become a webmaster in a day
/ does culture survive on the net?
/ free content vs. private content
/ the perils of european web castles
/ the internet policy of the open society
/ BBS Zombies or what comes after the usenet?
/ international name wars, or the making of substandards
/ is there any money in the net? 
/ fiendly sites, foo sites
/ the art of the incredible shrinking media 
/ immersive publishing or how to go offline
/ publisher-pusher and content pollution
/ how does the net work in ljubljana, zahgreb, budapest, amsterdam or berlin?
/ is there any good way of institutionalisation?

Chair Persons: (please contact if you want to add a blitzlecture)
Geert Lovink <geert@xs4all.nl>
Pit Schultz <pit@contrib.de>

the whole 4 hours gets recorded and transmitted via Radio Student
the night after. all goes on the air! realaudio recycling is expected.

an exquisite vego-catering service is prepared, books and zines presented.
please bring your own material to add. check: jttp://www.ljudmila.org/nettime

L J U B L J A N A  D I G I T A L  M E D I A  L A B   M A Y  2 2 - 2 3  1 9 9 7

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