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Re: <nettime> #BeautyEast: IRC

>I think I may be speaking for quite a few people on this list - it is
>extremely painful to be receiving these cheerful textual massages [sic]
>about the Ljubljana meeting when you know that the last train that could
>take you there has left, and the airfare is way out of reach (let alone
>when you are an antipodian Europhile).
>Let us form a faction of Those Who Stayed Away and meet on the IRC channel
>in secret, outside of the times granted to us by Those Who Are There. We
>have the themes, we have the ideas, and we have the medium.

Good idea, but times suggested and timeframe proposed suck for this
antipodean-without-access-to-the-airfare.  5am has never been a good time
of the day for me?!

>This week, I hate Ljubljana.

I have never been there, and me too already!
>Greetings and fun to the TWATs.
ditto, and to the TWSAs


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