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<nettime> The Piran Nettime Manifesto

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29.5.1997, The Piran Nettime Manifesto

A PRESS RELEASE by Nettime (Vienna ad-hoc committee)

   PRESS CONFERENCE   29.5.1997   19:00 
   Public Netbase Media~Space!, Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1, 
   Vienna/Austria Thursday, 29.5.1997   19:00 
   Participants: Pit Schultz (Berlin), Geert Lovink (Amsterdam), Critical Art 
                      Ensemble (Chicago), Diana McCarty (Budapest), 
                      Marko Peljhan (Ljubljana), Oliver Marchart (Wien),
                      Peter Lamborn Wilson (New York)

"Why do you rob banks?"
"Because that's where the money is." (Willie Sutton, famous bank robber)

Last week Nettimers frolicked in the real space/time continuum on the 
Slovenian coast in the town of Piran where the following bullets were 

 Nettime declares Information War.
 We denounce pan-capitalism and demand reparations. Cyberspace is where 
  your bankruptcy takes place. 
 Nettime launches crusade against data barbarism in the virtual holy land.
 We celebrate the re-mapping of the Ex-East/Ex-West and the return to 
 We respect the return to "alt.cultures" and pagan software structures 
   ("It's normal!").
 Deprivatize corporate content, liberate the virtual enclosures and storm 
  the content castles!
 Refuse the institutionalization of net processes.
 We reject pornography on the net unless well made. 
 We are still, until this day, rejecting make-work schemes and libertarian 
  declarations of independence.
 NGOs are the future oppressive post-governments of the world. 
 We support experimental data transfer technology.
 Participate in the Nettime retirement plan, zero work by age 40. 
 The critique of the image is the defense of the imagination.
 Nettime could be Dreamtime.

Questions can be addressed to the participants at the Nettime press 
conference, Public Netbase, Museumsquartier, Vienna, 29.5.1997, 19:00 hours 

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