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Artist in Residence in Finland

The Culture Society Tuote and Artist Association MUU offer a residency for
one artist who is interested in working on the themes city space and new
media. The residency is split between Savonlinna in the Eastern part of
Finland from July to August and Helsinki from September to November in

Tuote is a project with a goal of turning an old dairy into an arts centre
in a town called Savonlinna, inhabited by 28 000 people. The town hosts an
opera festival each summer in its old castle, which has given it a
reputation of a culture friendly town, a comfortable summer resort in the
lake district. This town has plans to build a by-pass road that would cut
through the centre of the town, and the dairy as well.

In Savonlinna students and visiting artists are welcomed in an open
workshop with tools and equipment for image, sound, woodworks, computer
based networked pieces and gardening. We are looking for a boat that could
be parked in front of the dairy to work as a residence. The invited artist
gets a private accommodation.

The workshop ends in a live event from Savonlinna to Helsinki in MUU's
Mental Metro -happening on August 28th. The contents are the outcome of the
summer in Savonlinna.

From September on the artist works in co-operation with MUU in the artists'
city and network based projects.

The artist is granted an allowance of USD 980 per month and maximum 980 USD
for travel.
(Sums are subject to change a little bit in case currency rates alter
during the summer). Accomodation is also provided for the visiting artist.

For information contact as soon as possible:
Susanna Koskinen / Tuote tel. +358-40-5578039
email: susanna@uiah.fi or tuote@uiah.fi

Kaarina Katajisto / MUU, tel. +358-9-625972
email: chair@kaapeli.fi

IN addition to this residency, Muu is a member in the EMARE, European Media
Artist in Residence program. It is organized between Werkleitz Gesellschaft
(GER), C3 Budapest (HUN) and Hull Time Based Arts (UK). If you are
interested in a residency within this program this year in Finland
October-December, please contact one of the member organizations or Tapio
Mäkelä at <director@kaapeli.fi>

Invitation posted by Tapio Mäkelä

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