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1...JSalloum..............National Gallery of Canada exhibition
2...Marie Ringler.........SEX.NET sex, lies & the internet Leonardo Award for Excellence
4...Dmytri Kleiner........Live Webcast: Billy Warhol Does Toronto
5...Giardini Pensili......NISHMAT HASHMAL
6...john jordan...........GLOBAL STREET PARTY
7...Stefaan Decostere.....THE PARTY IS ON
8...Honor Harge...........ANAT - Call for Newsletter content
9...intim@................4th ICAF (Maribor, Slovenia)
12..Martin equal playing field ?


From: JSalloum <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:24:38 EDT
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Subject: National Gallery of Canada exhibition dealing with the
representation of the Mid
Apparently-To: <>
Status: RO

Jayce Salloum's exhibition dealing with the
representation of the Middle East in the West, etc:
(Kan ya ma Kan) / There was and there was not

is currently at the

National Gallery of Canada,
380 Promenade Sussex Drive, Ottawa
upstairs in the Contemporary Canadian Art section,
info: (613) 990-1985 (as part of the Fragile Electrons exhibition)
Free to the public.

The exhibition continues until June 6, 1998

This installation, serves to examine the representation of 'Lebanon', and
its history as constructed in our collective and individual psyches.
Lebanon has been used as a metaphor, as a 'site' serving the real and
imaginary for various 'visitors' throughout its history.  It has been a
ground for continuous claims, discursive texts and acts of re-construction.
It has become an adjective for the nostalgia of our past and the fears of
the future.
We have come to understand so very little in spite of the massive amounts
of information we have received regarding Lebanon, that for one to even
mention the name all sorts of images come to mind.

The installation is a transposition of a working studio and found archive,
presenting the 'resources' and artifacts necessary to re-construct an
understanding of the mediated  process inherent in the definition and
perception of a culture.  Here the viewer is part of that process,  being
forced to make decisions and to take responsibility for re-constructing
their own cultural perceptions.  The installation is set up as a pseudo
scientific research lab/studio paralleling/exposing my own
productions/projects in Lebanon and challenging the immense history of the
production of knowledge of Lebanon and the Middle East.  Incorporating
objects collected in Lebanon, archival materials, documents, maps,
photographs, light boxes and videotape loops, the installation calls into
question our notions of history and research methodology, their role in the
effacement of histories, and the layers involved in
depiction/representation and understanding  of another culture.

(Kan ya ma Kan) / There was and there was not,  has been shown at American
Fine Arts-New York, New Langton Arts-San Francisco, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien-
Berlin, the Shedhalle-Zurich, Update ‘96-Copenhagen, Optica
Gallery-Montréal, Western Front-Vancouver and YYZ Artists' Outlet-Toronto.

Artist's Bio:

Jayce Salloum has been working in installation, photography, mixed media
and video since 1975, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting workshops
and coordinating cultural events.  He has had numerous exhibitions
throughout North & South America, Europe, Japan and the Middle East, at
institutions including American Fine Arts, Artists Space, P.S.1., New
Langton Arts, LACE, Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, Long Beach
Museum of Art, Walker Arts Center, The Wexner Center, CEPA, YYZ, A Space,
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Contemporary Art Gallery,
Western Front, Optica Gallery, Oboro, Dazibzo, Articule, Plug-In, Hamilton
Art Gallery, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Miyagi Museum of Contemporary
Art, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art - Sapporo,
The British Film Institute, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Galerie Nationale du
Jeu de Paume, The American Centre, The Institute du Monde Arabe, Espace
Lyonnais d'Art Contemporain, Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik, Rotterdam Film
Festival, Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, Museo de Arte
Contemporáneo - Seville, and Théatre de Beyrouth.  Currently he has an
exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada which runs until June 6th,


Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 18:18:22 +0100
From: Marie Ringler <>
Subject: SEX.NET sex, lies & the internet
Mime-Version: 1.0

@)}--->--- 						---<--{(@

sex, lies & the internet

Do 14 Mai 21:00 inauguration and e~scape lounge
23:00 performance:irene laviña  visuals:clitoressa  sound:die mäuse
Glamour night - Dresscode -

Fr 15 Mai 19:00 Cherie Matrix (London, UK) "Feminists Against Censorship -
Pornography and Censorship-Issues on the Net"
Lecture and Q&A Session

Sa 16 Mai 14:00 Cherie Matrix (London, UK) "Online Dating - Fantasy,
Role-Playing or place to find True Love?"

Fr 22 Mai 19:00 Constance Penley (Santa Barbara, USA) "Sex, Lies, and the
Internet (and Video and TV too)"

So 24 Mai 14:00 dolores' bulimic breakfast lädt zum Sonntagsbrunch
Social Networking with Coffee and Cake - "Viennese Style" - and discussion
with invited theoreticians. this time: Constance Penley

Mi 27 Mai 19:00 FetishDiva Midori of San Francisco, USA "Digital Decadence?
Sex and Taboo in the Information Age"

Do 28 Mai 21:00 e~scape lounge and performance by FetishDiva Mistress
Midori (USA)

more info at or email

@)}--->--- 						---<--{(@

public netbase media~space!
institute for new culture technologies/t0
museumsplatz 1
a-1070 vienna, austria
fon: +43 1 522 18 34


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Subject: 1998 Leonardo Award for Excellence
Date: Mon,  4 May 98 23:21:13 CDT
Status: RO

1998 Leonardo Award for Excellence to Eduardo Kac

The Leonardo Award for Excellence is awarded annually
to a Leonardo author for an article(s) describing work
judged to be excellent in the field of art/science and
technology. Previous award winners have included
Rudolf Arnheim and Otto Piene.

The award consists of a citation, an honorarium,
and a press release and public announcement.

The awardee is selected by the editorial staff of Leonardo.
This year the staff in both the San Francisco and Paris offices
were polled and a concensus for this award emerged easily.

In making this award, we would like to cite two areas
judged to be outstanding in the work of Eduardo Kac:

Eduardo Kac is best known as a telepresence artist, but has
also innovated in a number of new media including holography,
robotics and visual poetry. His work can be seen here: He has described his work in Leonardo
in articles including:

"Ornitorrinco and Rara Avis: Telepresence Art on the Internet"
published in Leonardo Volume 29 No 5, pp. 389-400, 1996.

Leonardo/ISAST would also like to cite in this award excellence
for services to the field. Since 1996 Eduardo Kac has been
Leonardo Guest Editor for the project "Radical Intervention:
The Brazilian Contribution to the International Electronic Art
Movement ". This project is a combined Web based and print
publication and gallery project. It  features articles by and about
pionering Brazilian artists whose work has helped lay the foundation
and develop the emerging field of new media arts. Kac's work in
soliciting, arranging for translations, editing manuscripts, and
working with the authors and artists has helped bring the
subtantial contribution of Brazilian artists to the electronic
art movement to the attention of the international audience.

The Radical Intervention Web site can be found at:
Leonardo/ISAST (International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology).


From: (Dmytri Kleiner)
Subject: Live Webcast: Billy Warhol Does Toronto
Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 01:37:57 GMT

Billy Warhol Does Toronto!


-->	Visit the Website during the event
-->	to see the LIVE webcast!

Contact '98 - Toronto's Festival of Photography!


181 Bay St.
Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 603-3556
Fax: (416) 603-2015


Artist: Billy Warhol

Opening Party: Sat., May 9, 6-11 pm

Billy Warhol Web Sites:

Discover Toronto's Art Scene - The People
interacting with the art in interesting
gallery spaces! Billy Warhol's digital
photos will be projected onto a 20' screen
at the Galleria Archway at BCE Place.
Digital cameras, photo printers, projectors
& scanners sponsored by EPSON Canada.

LIVE WEBCAST by Idiosyntactix


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Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 22:34:56 +0000
To: Recipient.List.Suppressed:;
From: Giardini Pensili <>

Domenica 10 maggio 1998 alle ore 17.30
all'interno del Musicshow di Rimini
[ Sala Rosa-Azzurra ]

Roberto Paci Dalo'

Chasidic Sampling Celebration

Alchimista del campionamento e virtuoso clarinettista, Roberto Paci Dalo'
presenta il suo recente progetto: un viaggio attraverso elettronica
innovativa, trip-hop, drum'n'bass, musica strumentale ebraica.

un progetto Giardini Pensili in collaborazione con IRMA Records


precedera' la performance l'incontro:
"Da DJ ad artista: come realizzare un disco e scalare le classifiche"
Intervengono: Claudio Coccoluto, Ricky Montanari, Tito Valdez, Francesco
Zappala', Pasta Boys: Dino Angioletti, Uovo, Roberto Paci Dalo', gruppo
musicale Montefiori Cocktail.
Ideazione: Pierfrancesco Pacoda.
Coordinamento: Piefrancesco Pacoda e Dino D'Arcangelo
- ore 15.00 [ Sala Verde ]

- ulteriori informazioni:

Giardini Pensili
tel 0541 759316 / 0338 8456337
fax 0541 759316

Fiera di Rimini
via della Fiera 52
47900 Rimini
tel 0541 711711 711517
fax 0541 711243


Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 00:14:01 +0100 (BST)
From: (john jordan)

Press release: from reclaim the Streets - for immediate use


On May 16th, as leaders of the most industrialised nation-states in the
world  meet at the G8 summit in Birmingham before flying to Geneva,(1)  tens
of thousands of people will join the Global Street Party - simultaneously
transforming the privatised, polluted streets of 33 cities in 21 countries
(and counting!) into places of celebration and empowerment: a true global

In Birmingham, after the partygoers  rendezvous at Birmingham New Street
Station 4pm on May 16th, roads will be blockaded, sound systems installed
and lampposts, tarmac, railings and walls decorated in a  mass occupation
and transformation of an undisclosed location. Joining the call for Global
Ecology not Global Economy(3)  and offering an alternative ‘transnational’
dream of a future where cooperation not competition is the common currency,
the streets of Birmingham will be reclaimed with performance, art, music,
dancing and games to laugh in the face of the G8 under banners reading ‘G8
My Planet’, ‘Gyrate Not G8’, and ‘Reclaim the Streets’ in over 50 languages.
And, as 100’s of clowns help give the event a mischievous edge, it’s
anybody’s guess which of the world leaders, their governments and corporate
cronies will end the day with a pie in the face!

The Global Street Party was called by the direct action group Reclaim The
Streets (RTS)(4) . An RTS activist said:
‘Cars, roads, pollution, surveillance and the like didn’t just spring from
nowhere but are results of a political and economic system.  That system is
going global:  the resistance, if it is to be effective, must also be
global….The streets could be the forums for the direct control of
>coordinated communities by the people who live in them. Instead we are told
we need a ‘globalisation’ involving the  further concentration of power in
elite’s like the G8 and the W.T.O. This is so seriously unfunny we just have
to laugh!

For further details contact Reclaim the Streets on:
Phone: 0171 281 4621 e-mail: <> web:
Notes for editors:
1.   World leaders (and/or their emissaries) fly to Geneva on May 17th to
commemorate the 50th anniversary of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and
Trade), and to applaud the success of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) its
younger, more rapacious ally. They may even chat about the latest takeover
scheme: the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI), designed to let
global business override local environmental and social concerns in the
interests of economic progress.

2.  Here’s the Global Street Party list as it stands at the moment: Bogota
(Columbia), Berlin, Bielefeld, Thuringen (Germany), Lyon (France),
Birmingham (U.K.), Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (Australia), Tel Aviv
(Israel), Geneva (Switzerland), Turku (Finland), Madrid  (Spain), Ankara,
Istanbul (Turkey),  Gothenburg, Stockholm (Sweden), Dublin, Derry (Ireland),
Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Berkeley (U.S.), Prague (Czech Republic),
Olympia, Toronto, Vancouver (Canada), Athens (Greece), Luxembourg
(Luxemburg), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bratislava (Slovakia),Utrecht (Holland),
Turin (Italy).

3.   The Global Street Party is one of many actions happening under the
banner of Peoples’ Global Action (PGA).  PGA which was founded at an
international conference in February in Geneva attended by more than 300
delegates from 71 countries to discuss joint actions against World Trade
Organization (WTO), “free” trade and corporate rule.  Actions include a
Peoples’ Trade Day in Geneva on May 18th and 3 days of action, information
sessions and demonstrations in several Canadian cities also starting May
18th.  Planning is underway for a massive demonstration in Dhaka, the
capital of Bangladesh, by Garment Workers Unity Forum against WTO, World
Bank and IMF, a “No Trade Day” in the USA, and a Speakers’ Tour in
Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka to raise awareness about the role of the

 4.  Reclaim the Streets (RTS) is a decentralised direct action network
seeking the rediscovery and liberation of the city streets and public
spaces. It first became active in 1992, became absorbed in anti-roads
protests and was revived in early 1995. It came to widespread public
attention with the blockading and occupation of Camden High street, London
on May 16th ‘95, a street party with free music, food and clean air replaced
the usual traffic and pollution and public space was reclaimed for the day.
Since then there have been parties in Islington (London), 10,000 people on
the M41 motorway in west London in July 1996, 25,000 on the 1997’s March for
Social Justice/Street Party in Trafalgar Square (with the Liverpool
Dockers), as well as over 30 parties all over the country (including
Sheffield, Oxford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge etc) and increasingly
worldwide (including Sydney, Tel Aviv,  Vancouver & Amsterdam).

STREET PARTY, May 16th 1998: 28 parties in 19
countries!  ENGLAND - Birmingham, meet New St. Station 4pm.
London Street Parties, June 6th 1998 - Get down and local...North info: 0958
795189; South info: 0961 398257
General info: Reclaim the Streets: 0171 281 4621;
LONDON MEETING EVERY TUESDAY 7pm : 28th April Meeting will be at Prince's
Community Centre, 91 Kennington Lane, corner of Opal Street, Kennington Tube.

To send emails to Genetic Engineering Network: <>
To receive info about genetics only, subscribe to <>
For info on RTS only, subscribe to <>, specifying "RTS only"
To receive info on both and more, subscribe to  <>,
specifying "allsorts"

Reclaim the Streets
PO BOX 9656
N4 4JY
0171 281 4621

!!!!................GLOBAL STREET PARTY.......................!!!!!
@@@@@@@ SATURDAY 16 MAY - 3pm Birmingham New Street Station@@@@@@@@@
£££££££££££££££££££To coincide with G8 Summit.££££££££££££££££££££££
 also simultaneously in Ankara, Berlin, Bogota,
Bratislava,Brisbane,Debrecen, Derry, Dublin, Geneva, Gothenburg,Istanbul,
Madrid, NewYork, Ljubljana, Luxemburg, Lyons,Nantes, Olympia, Paris,
Prague,San Franscico, Seattle,Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Torino, Toronto,
Turku, Utrecht, Vancouver...the list grows daily...



Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 22:29:20 +0200
From: Stefaan Decostere <>

Dear Walker Fan,

The PARTY is ON!


MAY 9th :

opening of the installation THE HEART OF BRUSSELS
from 3 p.m. onwards
Rue Cardinal/Kardinaal Mercier straat 4
100m from the Central Station

MAY 9th :

from 4 p.m. onwards
consult : <>

MAY 9th :

from 8 p.m. till midnight
consult : <>
or via <>
or later on the cybertheater archives :

the installation is open 4 days a week :
each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
from noon till 8 p.m.

the following PARTYBUS-parties and BROADCASTS
on May 15, 22, 30.

We hope to see you on at least one of the parties
or read your mail reactions.

On May 30th the broadcast will take place
and we invite you to join our live-actions.


X-Sender: honor@
Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 18:29:18 +0930
To: Recipient.List.Suppressed:;
From: ANAT - Honor Harger <>
Subject: ANAT - Call for Newsletter content
Status: RO

Dear All,

I am in the process of researching for the Australian Network for Art &
Technology's forthcoming quarterly newsletter.

I would like to invite you to submit information on the forthcoming
activities of you or your organisation if you would like us to include a
short listing to help with your promotion.  Any notices on events with an
art & technology or art & science focus, commencing during or after late
May, will be gratefully accepted.

Appropriate notices may include:

* events
* exhibitions
* conferences
* calls for proposals/papers
* workshops
* symposia etc

Bear in mind that, as always, our deadline is approaching fast, so if you
could submit this information by Tuesday 12 May, it will have more of
a chance of being included.

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards

Honor Harger

postal address: PO Box 8029 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
street address: Lion Arts Centre, cnr Morphett St and North Tce, Adelaide

web address:
ph:  61 (0)8 8231 9037
fax: 61 (0)8 8211 7323
Director: Amanda McDonald Crowley   (tel: 0419 829 313)
Administration & Information Officer: Honor Harger
Web & Program Officer: Martin Thompson

Memberships: $A10 (unwaged), $A20 (waged), $A40 (institutions)



Comments: Authenticated sender is <>
From: "intim@" <>
Organization: intim@ virtual base / creative intimate lab
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:16:28 +0000
Subject: 4th ICAF (Maribor, Slovenia)
Reply-To: "intim@" <>
Priority: normal
Mime-Version: 1.0
Status: RO

4th International Computer Arts Festival
Maribor, Slovenia

May 11 - 15, 1998


Monday, May 11
Introduction afternoon with lunch for the co organisers and guests

The official opening of the festival and the installation of web
   Olia Lialina
   http: //
   http: //

Sreco Dragan
The opening of the installation CLAVIS URBIS 3

Brane Zorman / The opening of the audial
installation DE-LOCAT-ION, part one

The urbane performance PEKARNA

Random Logic Concert

Marko Rodosek / Projection of the
selected demo projects / Laser projection

Tuesday, May 12
11.00 - 17.00
Daily program

Brane Zorman
The opening of the audio installation
DE-LOCAT-ION,  part two

Jaka Zeleznikar
The opening of the
installation of interactive poetry INTERACTIVALIA
On the air at Radio MARS, 95,9 MHz

Olia Lialina
Lecture with showings of www sites

(Christina Goestl Lecture with showings of www sites
Netbase t0)

Bogdan Soban
Leonard Rubins
Bojan Stokelj
Marko Rodosek
Trevor Batten
Heidemaria Seblatnig
The opening of the
exhibition of multimedial installations Damjan Kracina, Dominik Krizan
Gasper Jemec. Joint exhibition ENA SOBA by students of ALU, the
patricipants of the seminar Integrated media.

Bogdan Soban
Introduction of the project of the computer graphics

RE:VOLUTION party, host Igor Stromajer (intim@)

Concert: HIS HERO IS GONE (ZDA; psycho hard core)

Jordan Crandell & Teo Spiller
Introduction of web projects

Wednesday, May 13
11.00 - 17.00
Daily program
Jordan Crandell & Teo Spiller
The lecture with showings of www sites

Jaka Zeleznikar
Introduction of the project of interactive poetry INTERACTIVALIA

On the air at Radio MARS, 95,9 MHz

Mojca Kumerdej
mag. Melita Zajc, M.A.
mag. Bojana Kunst, M.A.
Mojca Kumerdej
dr. Janez Strehovec, Ph.D.
Lecture with showings of www sites
Olia Lialina

Heidemaria Seblatnig
Trevor Batten
and introductions of projects

Thursday, May 14
11.00 - 17.00
Daily program
Marjan Kokot & dr. Janez Strehovec, Ph.D.
Lecture and introduction of
publishing house KODA / On the air at Radio MARS,
95,9 MHz

Jordan Crandell
Discussion about web art with introductions

Laibach (Concert)

Christina Goestl
Lecture with showings of www sites Netbase t0

Friday, May 15
11.00 - 17.00
Daily program
Heidemaria Seblatnig: Projection SHADOW OF OBJECTS
Trevor Batten: lecture program
/ On the air at Radio MARS, 95,9 MHz

Vuk Cosic & Marko Peljhan
Discussion:  Olia Lialina

Closing of the festival and the performance Wipeout

Jaka Zeleznikar
Introduction of a project of interactive poetry INTERACTIVALIA


May 11 - 15
Olia Lialina:  Web projects
Sreco Dragan: Installation CLAVIS URBIS 3

Composition of a 12 second video (Recording and cutting,
Transmission on to the web via AE server in Linz)
Menthor: Sreco Dragan
Laser workshop (Programming of a laser projection)
Realised projects will be projected daily.
Digital photography (Usage of a digital camera, Taking Photographs,
Computer designing of the taken photographs with a morphing program)


organised by: MKC (Youth Cultural Center) Maribor
producer: Joze Slacek
curators: Stelarc, Igor Stromajer (intim@)

4th International Computer Arts Festival
MKC Maribor
Ljubljanska 4
SI-2000 Maribor

phone: +386 62 3002990
fax: +386 62 3002991



Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 19:09:11 +0200
Subject: Subway

[ English Version Below ]

FERROVIARIO, è un progetto che prevede l'utilizzo di alcuni spazi nella
metropolitana milanese e nelle principali stazioni ferroviarie, come vetrine
dei passaggi di comunicazione, cartelloni pubblicitari o altri spazi vuoti, per
esporre dei progetti artistici e informativi realizzati da artisti di diversi
ambiti disciplinari delle nuove generazioni.

Il progetto prevede l'interazione tra cinque diverse aree espressive : arte,
fumetto, letteratura, musica, teatro.

Il sito è un work in progress in cui saranno prima esposti i progetti e in
seguito quanto verra' realizzato.

Sarà possibile navigare fra iniziative ed interventi di tutte le diverse
aree espressive seguendo lo sviluppo degli eventi in atto da adesso a

Da oggi esiste uno spazio aperto anche ai vostri racconti che abbiano come tema
o come ambientazione la metropolitana.

Collegandovi all'indirizzo potrete pubblicare subito il
vostro racconto.


CROSS-RAIL SYSTEM is a project in which areas of the Milan underground
system and of the main railway stations, such as the windows of connecting
passageways, advertising posters or other empty spaces, are used to exhibit
artistic and information projects carried out by artists of the new
generation working in different fields.

The project is based on the interaction of five different disciplines: art,
comics trip, literature, music and theatre.


Subject:  A-Kagens, 6 MixingDecks! - live mono - made in japan
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 21:05:51 +0100


MIJ -[ made in japan]
every first thursday of the month 10pm-3:00am
' The Clinic Club'  13 Gerrad St.
China Town 10pm-3am

check{ j-b.c }
for info and link to live stream


jump to the sounds directly from:

If you say you are a 'j-b.c' guest, you can get in for £3.
[if you say you are 'bak.spc' guest you can get in for £2!]


Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 14:37:59 +0930 (CST)
X-Sender: martin@
Mime-Version: 1.0
From: Martin Thompson <>
Subject: an equal playing field ?
Status: RO

Gorilla bored quickly by Internet chat with humans

 By REUTERS  San Francisco - Koko the 300-pound gorilla logged on to the
Internet on Monday - and clearly was not impressed.

During what was billed as the world's first "interspecies" on-line chat,
Koko was far more interested in her toy alligator and dreams of dinner than
in answering a barrage of questions from thousands of eager humans.

"I like drinks," Koko said, in one of her more lucid comments during the
45-minute dialogue.

"Apple drink."

Koko's foray into the high-technology world of Internet chatrooms was
sponsored by America Online and Envirolink, which together with the Gorilla
Foundation near San Francisco set up the event to publicize the plight of
the world's great apes.

Lowland gorillas like Koko are threatened by logging and poaching in their
native habitats in Central Africa, while their cousins, the mountain
gorillas, number now fewer than 500 in the wild.

Koko, who is 26, was seen as the obvious on-line ambassador for her species.
Raised and trained near San Francisco, she has studied modified American
Sign Language for 25 years and is now said to understand some 2,000 words of
spoken English.

Unfortunately, few of these were put into play during Monday's discussion.

"Lips," Koko said, using her codeword for woman.

"Koko loves lips."

Dr. Francine Patterson, Koko's tutor and translator, said Koko's relative IQ
is about 86 and she reacts to many situations much like a human child. She
dismissed one question about a fellow gorilla with the pithy "toilet" -
which Patterson said is her word for "bad."

Koko's laconic approach to the Internet was frustrating for the human
chatters, who peppered her with questions ranging from her opinions on
Darwinian Theory to her views on the new movie version of King Kong.

She did manage one shocker - demanding "food and smokes" for her birthday -
but Patterson said Koko is tobacco-free and was really asking for her former
pet, a kitten named Smokey.

Kevin Connelly, a spokesman for the Gorilla Foundation, said the cyberchat
went as well as could be expected and Koko had actually been cut off at
times because the human entering her responses could not type fast enough.

"She was responding to stuff longer than was typed in. The interface was a
problem," Connelly said, adding the event had been filmed and a more
complete transcript of Koko's remarks will be made available.

 He said that initial estimates indicated as many as 20,000 people logged on
to talk to Koko and the session was a success.

"Koko seemed responsive and chatty," Connelly said.

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