ricardo dominguez on Sun, 10 May 1998 23:03:24 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> URLs for the May 10 White House Flood Net action are Active

[Please note: (1) This announcement was sent to nettime *after* the 
 event was scheduled to start. (2) The explanations of how it works
 are given in ways that range from awkward to a bit misleading. The 
 nyu.edu URL claims that when you connect to a Flood Net URL "Flood
 Net will 'ping' the White House web site every 4 seconds." It does
 *not* "ping" the site--that is, send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets--it
 loads a Java applet in your (frames+Java-capable) browser, and the
 applet sends bogus HTTP requests to www.whitehouse.gov, every 3 or
 7 seconds (the dox are inconsistent); explanations of how it works 
 are available through the Flood Net pages themselves--after the ap-
 plet has launched a "denial of services attack" via your browser's
 window, which will run until you close the window. If this kind of
 "electronic disturbance" will become a technique of civil disobedi-
 ence, then organizers *must* explain their methods--and the risks-- 
 *before* enlisting people to act. When they don't, they are asking
 people to act out of naivete--well-meaning ignorance--and that's a
 technique of *disinformation*. The Flood Net pages have some inter-
 esting material; you may want to turn Java off in your browser, or
 read it with a Java-free browser, while you decide whether you are
 going to participate in this action.-T]


The following URLs for the May 10 White House Flood Net action are now
active. They have been linked to the "How to Flood the White House" page

Please spread these URLs.






Happy Mothers Day!
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