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1...Vuk Cosic.............Information Weapon Contest
2...Stefaan Decostere.....WALKER ON-LINE
3...Josephine Berry.......Mute Magazine: NET POLITICS
4...POLYGRAPH.............POLYGRAPH 10 / call for papers
5...Cherie Matrix.........CONTEST AND CO-OPT Asks Feds to Open Domain Name Market

From: Vuk Cosic <>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 00:10:40 CET
Subject: Information Weapon Contest

Join the Info Weapon Contest
Win the Information Weapon Award

One of the current paradigms on 'war' is the solubility of the
frontlines and territory in general. We want to see what happens with
the weapons in such a situation.

Within the context of this years Ars Electronica an independent
international Jury has been invited to assign the prize (1000 US$) to
the most outstanding information weapon with an accent on it's
functionality, design and successfulness. We are looking for software
or hardware tools that do not necessarily look like tools, and they
can be made or found by somebody or something that didn't necessarily
try to come up with a weapon. The (in-)visibility of today's info
(anti-)wars is going to be specially investigated.

This competition is posing the question what could info weapons look
like, if they are not simply e-mail bombs, spam or regular propaganda
and disinformation campaigns on the 'content' level. Are we only
condemned to be passive consumers and protect ourselves against the
hostile environments of info overload? Can we still act and attack?
How about the art of information warfare?


The award can be divided in equal parts between the author of the
weapon and the person that submits this weapon to the jury.

Information weapons created during the last fiscal year will have
advantage over weapons from previous times or historical periods.

The Jury also wishes to distance itself from any usage of the term
"terrorism" due to the lack of its clear definition.


Further  reading: 0.html

All submissions will be done by e-mail <>, and should
contain the following: - weapon's name - contact of the
author/submitter - 2k max description and explanation

Deadline: June the 1st

Jury members:
Vuk Cosic (chair),  Marko Peljhan,  Josephine Starrs,  Rtmark,  Heath
Bunting,  Oliver Frommel,  Natalie Jeremienko,  Zina Kaye,  Manuel de
Landa (tbc)


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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 17:13:58 +0200
From: Stefaan Decostere <>
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Status: RO

Dear Walker Fan,

The PARTY is on AGAIN!

MAY 15th :

your host is FOKKY :

from 8 p.m. till midnight local time (Brussels)
consult : <>
or via <>
or later on the cybertheater archives :
then : Click on EVENTS and go to PARTYBUS

Live webcast from the  Partybus provided by
the CyberTheatre. <>

the installation is open 4 days a week :
each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
from noon till 8 p.m.

the following PARTYBUS-parties and BROADCASTS
on May 15, 22, 30.

We hope to see you on at least one of the parties
or read your mail reactions.

On May 30th the broadcast will take place
and we invite you to join our live-actions.




Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 18:00:39 +0000
From: Josephine Berry <>
Subject: Mute Magazine's NET POLITICS issue

       \- - - 1- - - /
     /  \     1     /  \
   /     \- - 1 - -/    \
  1     //\\  1  //\\
 1     ///\\\ 1 ///\\\ u t e
 - - -* - -\\\1///- - * - - -
 1     \    / 1 \    /
  1     \  /  1   \ /   /
    \    /- - 1 - -\   /
      \ /     1     \ /
       /- - - 1	- - -\

     LOAD up your Ammo Clips!
          BEEF up your Brain Muscles!
               DUST down your Bookshelves!

  Mute Magazine's NET POLITICS Issue is upon us at last

In issue 11, out this August, we invite you to partake in defending, bending
or rejecting the following issues (these are only suggestions):

*Public Service Net Space: Social Democracy and the Information Economy

*Name.Space: Robin Hoods in the Forest of Protocols?

* Be(at)ing the Other On-line: the Dialogics of Power on the Network

*Technologies 'R' Us: Genderquake and the Electronic Frontier

*Micro-power publishing: Media Mutiny or Diffusion through multiplication?

*Post-human subjects: Temping Agencies or Aping Matrices?

*Data watch - the Innocent have Nothing to Fear

In collaboration with Revolting, Manchester's temporary media lab, Mute is
publishing a special issue on NET POLITICS. Coinciding with the
themes of ISEA98 - Revolution/The Terror - it will place contemporary
debates on the politics of information networks under the microscope.

For writers' guidelines or any other information on
contributing, please contact the editors at, on T: +44 (0)171 613 4743 or at our
editorial address (see p. 2). Mute is produced on a no fees basis, but
contributors will receive 5 copies of the magazine. N.b. deadline for
contributions is the 18th June.

Revolting is organised by Micz Flor and runs over August and September 1998
in Manchester and Salford University;
further info:

---------mute: 2nd floor, 135-139 Curtain Rd, LONDON EC2A 3BX.
----------------------------T: +44 171 613 4743/ F: +44 171 613 4052
----------------------------------E: W:

  *  *  *  *  *   we no longer have roots  *  *  *  *  * we have bouffants
  we no longer have roots *  *  *  *  *  we have bouffants  *  *  *  *  *
  *  *  *  *  *   we no longer have roots  *  *  *  *  * we have bouffants
  we no longer have roots *  *  *  *  *  we have bouffants  *  *  *  *  *


Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 08:01:52 +0200
Subject: POLYGRAPH 10 / call for papers

POLYGRAPH, an international journal of culture and politics, announces
issue 10 entitled "Legislating Culture."


  Anotonio NEGRI "What Can the State Still Do?"
    Pierre BOURDIEU "On the Fundamental Ambivalence
           of the State"
      John FROW "Metacapital:
           A Response to Pierre Bourdieu"
 Florencia MALLON "Local Intellectuals, Regional
           Mythologies, and the Mexican State,
           1850-1994: The Many Faces of Zapatismo"
     James FUJII "Internationalizing Japan:
           Rebellion in Kirikiri and the International
           Research Center for Japanese Studies"
      John SUNDHOLM "From A.G. Ingelius to _Borje Brast_:
           Legislating Finland-Swedish Identity"
     Brian MASSUMI "Requiem for Our Prospective Dead:
           Toward a Participatory Critique of
           Capitalist Power"


           A two-year subscription (two issues)
           is $15, $12 for students, and $30 for
           institutions. Individual copies of
           are $10 each. Back issues are $10 each.
           For each order or subscription please add
           $2 postage; institutions add $4 postage;
           add $5 for international postage.
           Send to POLYGRAPH, Art Museum 104,
           Box 90670, Duke University, Durham,
           NC 27708-0670, USA.

Polygraph Announces a call for papers for Issue 11:

          <CALL FOR PAPERS>

           Discussions of the "globalization of culture"
           have tended to focus on mass cultural products
           and formations which serve, ideologically and
           materially, the interests of multinational
           capital. But how are the processes of
           globalization imbricated with marginal rather
           than mass cultural formations--subcultures,
           cultural dissidents, artistic avant-gardes?
           New technologies such as the internet have
           enabled multidirectional flows of information
           creating hybridized marginal cultural
           formations. This issue seeks to bring
           different fields of research such as
           subaltern studies, subcultural theory,
           the political economy of globalization,
           and cultural anthropology into a dialogue
           to develop new perspectives on the sorts
           of cultural practices affected and enabled
           by globalization, as well as to potentially
           develop new "working hybrids" among the
           methodologies of these different fields of study.

           Topics could include:

           Fundamentalisms as subcultures
           Migrant workers' migrant cultures
           Indigenous/folk film and video
           Drugs: User cultures, criminal communities,
             transnational flows
           Pidgins, creolizations, and the forging of
             linguistic communities
           Chicano/a and Latino/a subcultures in the U.S.
           Virtual communities
           Neo-tribalism and modern primitives
           New formations of indigenous identity and
           Globalization of musical subcultures:
             Brazilian punk, French hip hop, etc.
           'Zines, underground presses, and pirate radio
           Commodity localization and local appropriations
             of commodities
           Millenarianisms and new prophets
           Afrocentrism and other transnational nationalisms

           Deadline for papers is August 1, 1998.
           Send in duplicate to: POLYGRAPH,
           Art Museum 104, Box 90670, Duke University,
           Durham, NC 27708, USA.

POLYGRAPH is a paper journal and is published annually at Duke
University. For more information please email or


Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 23:37:00 -0600
From: Cherie Matrix <>

14 MAY 1998

Dates: 25 - 31 May, 1998

Banff Media Security Department
Banff Centre for the Arts

Subversives plan their next moves in Banff.

The Banff Media Security Department is pleased to announce the
forthcoming meeting "CONTEST AND CO-OPT" taking place over
a 7 day period in the Canadian Rockies.

"We regularly host meetings for the intelligence and
policing communities here, so what better place to hold
secure subversive conspiracies," Cherie Matrix.

With the revolutionary potential of the internet now
recuperated by institutional elitists and corporate
fundamentalists, it is now imperative that the underground
formulate possible new zones of contestation.

The main thrust of discussions will be aimed towards the
total destruction of property and representation, combined
with topics including:

- Democracy & formalism (artist vs context).
- Stupid vs serious (the power of dumb).
- Institution vs bedroom (elitistism vs antisocial).
- Programming (machines/ events).
- New media contestation possibilities.
- Potential new media (biotech/...).
- Professional vs amateur (work vs play).
- New funding sources (data trafficking/ media mercenaries).

Invited guests include:

Alexei Shulgin,,
Andreas Broeckmann,,
May N Eight,,
Josphine Stars,,
Kathy Huffman,,
Leon Cmielewski,,
Martin Schmitz,,
Natalie Bookchin,,
Peter Ride,,
Rachel Greene,,
Vuk Cosic,,
Wolfgang Staehle,,

During the meeting the visitors will be trained in team
building activities such as rock climbing, cycling, canoeing
and hiking.

With kind Tactical Support from Radio 90FM, Banff, Canada.

For further information please contact

"Excellence in Publicity & Privacy"
Banff Media Security Department

Bunting, Heath L
832 S Schumaker Dr Apt 302, Salisbury, MD 21804-3025
Phone: (410)742-8511 


Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 13:03:04 -0400
From: (
Subject: pgMedia Asks Federal Court to Open the Internet Domain Name 
         Market for Immediate Competition

                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                 pgMedia Asks Federal Court to Open the
          Internet Domain Name Market for Immediate Competition
                       Press release from 05-15-98

NEW YORK - On May 14, 1998, pgMedia, Inc. d/b/a/ Name.Space(sm), a
NewYork-based registrar of Internet domain names, filed a preliminary
injunction motion with the United States District Court for the Southern
District of New York, requesting that the Court prohibit Network
Solutions, Inc. ("NSI") from continuing to deny pgMedia access to the
Internet's "root zone file."

This motion is the latest step in pgMedia's ongoing litigation with NSI
over access to the root file, which by managing the part of Internet
addresses known as top level domain names ("TLDs"), functions as the
main "traffic cop" directing Internet communications and allowing
Internet users to communicate with all other Internet users.  pgMedia
seeks to make available to the Internet community a variety of new and
creative TLDs other than NSI's generic TLDs, i.e. .com, .org and .net.
However, to provide consumers with choices, pgMedia and other
competitors need the ability to place their TLDs in the root zone file.
So far, NSI, which has exercised monopoly control over the root zone
file as a result of a government contract, has refused to do so, even
though no agency of the U.S. has been authorized by Congress to restrict
the number of Internet TLDs, and even though the addition of virtually
unlimited TLDs is technically feasible and would not harm the
functioning of the Internet.

In its motion, pgMedia invoked a well-developed and long-standing
antitrust principle known as the "essential facilities" doctrine,
prohibiting a monopolist that controls a vital means to competition from
denying reasonable, nondiscriminatory access to competitors.  It is the
same principle that the government used in 1984 to require AT&T to allow
other telephone companies to access AT&T's lines, eventually providing
consumers with choices in long-distance service.

"This is a classic 'essential facilities" antitrust case." said Glenn
Manishin, litigation counsel for pgMedia.  "There can only be one 'root"
for the Internet, or else the very essence of the seamless
interconnectivity of the Net is destroyed.  We believe that if the Court
applies these settled precedents, it must rule in favor of pgMedia and
order that the Internet be opened to an unlimited number of new and
innovative TLDs.  NSI is the only game in town, so the law says that
they cannot refuse to deal with competitors like pgMedia."

Addressing the Clinton Administration's ongoing policy review of domain
name issues, pgMedia argued in its motion that the U.S. lacks authority
under International law to restrict the number of TLDs.

If pgMedia prevails on its motion, the ability of users to communicate
and advertise through Internet addresses will improve significantly.
Both US and global consumers, for the first time, will be free to
register a variety of new TLDs without being cut-off from the rest of
the Internet.  For instance, all Internet users will be able to
communicate with pgMedia's customers who currently employ such practical
TLDs, as .sports, .law or .computers and use of communicative TLDs, like
for.president and beyond.hope.

"Open competition is critical to the growth, creativity and success of
the Internet," said Paul Garrin, President of pgMedia.  "We expect a
favorable decision in this case, which will be at the forefront of many
court decisions showing that antitrust principles are still alive and
well in the technology era."

For more information, please contact Glenn Manishin  at (202) 955-6300
or, or Henry Perritt, Jr. at (312) 906-5010 or

Name.Space website can be reached at http://TIME-TO.MOVE-OVER.COM

Preliminary Injunction Document is at http://Name.Space-Slams.Com
(this address should work whenever as NSI updates it database)
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