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[a midweek extra - some announcements arrived quite late]

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0.......1........2........3........4........5........6 ao vivo ! performance [tonight!]
2...vergessen.............NACHT DES VERGESSEN
3...Melentie Pandilovski..SEAFair 98 deadline for proposals approaching
4...Olga Kisseleva........Virtual Worlds 98
6...Jens-Ingo.............critical discussion on electronic money


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:47:44 -0300 (EST)
Subject: i ao vivo ! performance
From: tiago carneiro da cunha <>

this tuesday, june 30th, 7pm

LIVE from the Casa das Rosas museum in sao paulo, brazil

a performance by artist tiago carneiro da cunha,
with guest stars (brazilian rap group) calibre 12,
and the dancers from the hip-hop style crew.

all welcome.

please check your time zone:

6 pm (new york)
7pm (brazil)
11 pm (gmt - europe)

you can also try to access the page directly at:


Date:  Fri, 26 Jun 1998 19:46:19 +0000
From: vergessen <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>

im Funderwerk III, St.Donat bei St.Veit/Glan

Freitag 3. Juli 1998, Beginn 20 Uhr
ÖS 120,- (Vorverkauf ÖS 100,- vergessen Shop St. Veit, Kulturamt
Arkadencafé St. Veit)

Bustransfers vom Bahnhof und Hauptplatz St.Veit (ab 19Uhr alle 2
vom Bahnhof Klagenfurt und vom Heuplatz Kopiezentrum Klagenfurt (ab 20
Uhr alle
2 Stunden) (ÖS 20,- bzw 30,-)

Übernachtungsmöglichkeit in Liegewagen der ÖBB (ÖS 100,-), 108 Plätze
stehen zur Verfügung.
Reservierung und Information unter: 04212/36539 und 0664/46 10 747,

ab 22 Uhr
AREA V, das 4 Stunden Event von GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS

u.a. mit
VERGESSEN LOUNGE mit Curd Duca und DJ-Line

VERGESSEN MODE von Susanne Luschin

VERGESSEN ARCHITEKTUR von Anne-Julchen Bernhardt und Luc Merx

sowie dem Shop, der Lichtzeile, dem Zentralarchiv, uva.



Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:25:36 GMT
From: Melentie Pandilovski <>
Subject: SEFAir 98 deadline for proposals approaching

Dear All,

Thank you for the large number of contributions!   A reminder for those that
have not yet sent their proposals that the DEADLINE for the submissions for the
SEAFair '98 edition is July 15, 1998 so please hurry up with the proposals !!
The guidelines are contained in the Call for proposals.

Best Regards,

Melentie Pandilovski

The Center for Computer Arts which acts within the framework of the
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia will feature
in the program of the

                    Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '98


             * V.R. - WWW - Net-Linked - CD-ROM  exhibition

SEAFair is the first manifestation of this kind on the Balkans, bringing
together International web  artists, multimedia artists, media critics,
theorists, and philosophers, as well as the interested audience.   SEAFair is
conceived to be a serial of international events, exhibitions/video
conferences, workshops, and meetings which will explore the creation and
existing of new media and electronic arts and venues.   Seafair assists the
communication within the European emerging electronic art&media scene.  Seafair
urges the discussions about the artistic, philosophic, educational, and other
aspects of the emerging media.  SEAFair serves as an international and
intercultural meeting point of arts and technologies.

The web site of CefCA [Center for Computer Arts] which acts within the
frameworks of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje will be updated frequently
and will contain full information on these events.  Also see SEFair '97 on:

Chief Aims of the project SEFair 98

- to present the most current international projects in the field of electronic

- to enable a critical discourse towards the diverse emanations in the
  electronic arts.

- to enable a historization and theoretical platform of different aspects and
  expressions in the electronic arts.

- to serve as a bridge and enable a communication between the international and
  Macedonian artists, curators, and theoreticians in the field of electronic

	Call for Contributions


V.R., WWW, Net-Linked, and CD-ROM Art Exhibition
Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
October 02 - 09, 1998 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

An international call for V.R., WWW, Net-Linked, and CD ROM Art projects.  The
exhibition Communing addresses the theme of the visions of the artists
including the processes of Imagining, Meditation, Dreaming, Reflection and
Visualization, during the process of art creation.   The exhibition will
feature the result of the Communing i.e. the digital language of different
international artists that express themselves in V.R., the WWW, Net  -Linked
Installations, and CD-ROM.   The exhibition is conceived as an encounter of
artists, technologies and visionaries.  Communing is especially interested in
original innovative projects.   The exhibition welcomes all projects using
information technology and different multi-media applications, hypertext, vrml.
The selected international projects will be presented in the Skopje Museum of
Contemporary Art, accompanied with a lectures of the invited artists, and a
workshop directed at qualifying the local artists and audience for complex
media projects.   The submitted projects will pass through a juried election
process.   The authors of the projects retain all of the copyrights.

For the V.R. projects

- title of project
- abstract
- technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae

For the web projects the proposals should contain:
- title of project
- abstract
- URL addresses of projects (or CDs)
- technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae

* The selected artists will be contacted and will be provided with the
guidelines and an FTP address where the projects can be uploaded. When
sending the projects please send description of any additional changes
that have to be done locally.

For the Net-Linked Installations the proposals should contain:
- title of project
- abstract
- URL addresses of projects (if already existing)
- detailed technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae

For the CD ROM projects the proposals should contain:
- title of project
- abstract
- technical equipment requirements for the presentation
- curriculum vitae
- video tape
- the actual CD ROM
(If CD - ROMs have already been sent for the project Interactive
Narration they do not have to be re-sent).

Deadline for submission: July 15, 1998

Notification of acceptance: July 25, 1998

International Web Art and CD ROM Art exhibition
Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
Date of exhibition: 02.- 09.October 1998

Submit  proposals for the event to:
Melentie Pandilovski, Curator of SEAFair '98
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia
Orce Nikolov 109, 91000 Skopje
tel/fax:	389.91.133.541


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 16:46:11 +0000
From: Olga Kisseleva <>
Subject: Virtual Worlds 98

 There have been several successful scientific conferences on Virtual
Reality and other ones on Artificial Life, but very few of them have tried
to integrate both approaches. Considering recent advances, this seems to be
one of the most promising approach for the synthesis of realistic and
imaginary virtual worlds ...
First International Conference on Virtual Worlds Paris IIM 1st - 3rd July
1998   Virtual Worlds 98 hopes to extend the scientific community by
encouraging contributions from people involved in Art works related to the
conception, design and applications of Virtual Worlds.
curated by Olga Kisseleva
artists : Mark Amerika David Apikian Rodney Berry Andy Best Merja Puustinen
Lin Hsin Hsin Lilian Juechtern Nicole Martin Roc Pares Jacques Servin
Margaret Watson Vladimir Muzjesky
on-line catalog :  <>


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:28:54 -0500
From: Gerard Van der Leun <>

Okay....the deadline for the Technoblather
Contest is fast approaching. There are currently
over 100 entries but there is NO SUCH THING
as too much TECHNOBLATHER.

And it is so easy to here's the original
call for blather...GET CRACKING!




In the interests of stimulating more focused
blather on this list, I will pay $100 US for
the best posting that incorporates all the phrases
on the following list in a single posting.

The phrases need not be included in order, although
that would be a nice trick, but all need to be
present in order to win. Length is up to you but
please try not to make my eyes glaze over with
unremitting blatheration. All entries must be
posted to this list by June 30, 1998. There's
one judge, moi,  and I'm tough but fair.

Other prizes are:

Second Prize: One new copy of Norton Crashguard Deluxe.

Third Prize: One new copy of Norton Uninstall.

Fourth Prize: One copy (unsigned0 of Evan Schwartz's
WEBONOMICS (Because I have it lying around the office
and there's no way in hell I'm ever going to read it.)

Fifth Prize: One copy (signed) of my book, RULES OF THE
NET in either English, German or Japanese. (Because
I've got extras and won't need to read it again.)

To be sure your entry is received you might
want to send a copy to

These are the phrases that pays. Use them all
in one mindboggling post to win. Get cracking.
I *know* you can do it.

====DA LIST====

aesthetic technicians
appropriate cultural forms
broad international consensus
center-left hegemony
characteristic form of articulation
circuits of international information exchange
complex political-cultural articulations
computer-based art
consumer-product distribution
crepuscular cowboy blatheration
crypto-fascist left
crystal clear
cultural and behavioral permissivity
dominant order
drool cup
fundamental phase shift of global proportions
garbage lifestyles
global hegemony of neoliberalism
hegemonic dissolution
ideological cyberspasm
information-and-service economy
information-processing technologies
information debilitated third-world economies
information enriched mental plutonium
intellectually insane
intermediate stratum
Islamic fundamentalism
local specificities
moments of rearticulation
multi-theater warfare
multinational corporations
neo-fascist right
network-based discussions
new transnational military-economic order
penguin dust
pre-industrial living conditions
raw domination
rich information managers
structural unemployment
subaltern classes
transnational civil society
Zapatista international



From: (Jens-Ingo)
Subject: critical discussion on electronic money
Organization: moving art studio

moving art studio just started a critical mailing list discussing
electronic money. besides privacy and security issues, aestetical
questions about the form of digital money will be of concern. the
name of the list is e-money. we invite you to share points of view
or to simply follow the ongoing discussion.

read an extract from the info-file:

| A new telematic market is evolving. Businesses are pushing commercial
| content and marketing strategies on the net. They learned how to target
| and customize mailing lists. The formerly predominant  freeware spirit,
| expressed by great rebellious softwares like Anarchie, Apache, Linux,
| Mosaic, SQL, is loosing ground. An average of the recently  arrived
| neighbors in the net-community seem to favor commercial solutions.
| This is the context in which choices for an adapted net currency
| are made.

| The aim of the discussion is to screen the different aspects of the
| digitalization of money and to anticipate possible scenarios. The evolution
| of money always meant that supplementary levels of abstraction were being
| added. Digital money seems to have a paradoxical nature. Although remaining
| a pure representation of value (as with all kinds of former money), it is
| missing form. It can no longer be touched or *smelt*.

| One basic question of the discussion could be: Shall we render something
| invisible visible? Does digital money necessarily need a form? Are our
| traditional concepts of representation shifting towards another category?
| [...]
| Electronic money appeals to a new variation of crime. While bank robbers
| become more computer and network literate clients worry about personal
| loses. Who will assume the risks of electronic fraud, the bank or the
| individual?

the moving art studio project reflects upon the development and presentation
of new media. it has a particular interest in electronic art. if you like to
get more information about this independant initiative, connect to:

the full version of this info-file can be found at:

the www-archive of this mailing list is at:

to subscribe send an e-mail to with the single
message: subscribe e-money.

looking forward to meet you in the debate,
jens-ingo brodesser


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:23:43 +0100
From: Sergey <>
Subject: SdeR

Free Noneconomic Zone -

-The Time
of The Magic Alphabets...

Our creative group informs all of the friends, potential friends and
those who are interested, that since 9/06/98 we have started the
preparations to
-The Time
of The Magic Alphabets
and Headbands
for Sudden journeys -
The Garden of Diverging Heels - that will take place on 21/06 - 29/06,
1998 at
Authors group:
Sergey de Rocambole - concept-designer, script writer, artist;
Anna Nikolayeva - artist;
Javad Ilgar ogli Efendi - psychologist, Ph.D.;
Ilya Komarov - specialist in UNIX- systems,
Daniil Kocharov - student - linguist,
Peter Kocharov - student - linguist,
That will be an original continuation and widening of  Astronavigation
Information on the holiday of 21-29/06 is being constantly updated and
expanded, so visit us more!
Besides letters, our group will be glad to receive notes in our guest
book too.

Creative group  Dragon s Springs.

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