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<nettime> ECN updates

date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 00:09:49 +0100 (BST)
subject: Re: [ECN server confiscation]

>>At 10.30 am, Saturday 27th June, police in Bologna, North Italy,
>>raided the premises of the European Counter-Information Network,
>>seizing their computer which was hosting internet material for
>>Freedom Press.
>This afternoon I managed to get "a very senior EU bureaucrat"
>to say that the "whole point" of EU initiatives on legal
>liability for on-line actions/publications is that
>"we have to stop things like this happening".
>Sorry, person not prepared to give their name, and will be
>useful in future.
>Can you point me at someone who can give more details on, especially:
>* the grounds for the seizure
>* legal moves to reclaim the Web server
>* any charges brought against ecn or individuals
>* the phone number of the police department for formal confirmation
>  of the seizure.


>If I get the contacts I need I will try to get coverage in UK


[please send info to <> with Subject: ECN INFO]

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[forwarded by brad brace; edited to avoid repetition on nettime]

> Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 23:43:17 -0600 (MDT)
> From: mea culpa <>
> To: InfoSec News <>
> Subject: [ISN] Cripto Remailer is down due to the server sized 
> Forwarded From: ^Faust^ <>
> Originally From: Net Diver <>
> Hi, i'm the remailer administrator of Cripto Anonymous Remailer.
> The Remailer actually don't work because the server was seizer 3 days ago.
> Below, you can read what happened
> Saturday, June 27th, 1998, at 10:30 am, the Isole nella Rete (INR) server
> <> has been shut down and seized by the Postal Police in Bologna for
> "defamatory" material posted on its system.


> In this case, the operation is exceptionally harmful and serious, hitting
> a service mostly used by hundreds of people and associations politically
> and socially oriented, in Italy and abroad. They were (and many of them
> still are) completely unaware of the events that conducted to the charge
> and the shutting down of the server. Their right to freely communicate and
> express themselves have been violated without any notice or explanation.
> Not to mention those using the INR mail service for their daily work and
> business activities.
> In the recent years, the activities had greatly helped the
> building of a strong solidarity and socially-oriented network, such as Lila
> (AIDS fighting association), Italy-Cuba Association, Telefono Viola
> (psychiatric abuse hot-line), ADL (workers union), Spain's CNT. The
> server was also hosting cultural organizations: web-zines (.Zip , Necron,
> London's Freedom Press), local bands (99 Posse, Sunscape, Electra) , radio
> stations (Radio Black Out, Radio Sherwood, Radio Onda d'Urto). Very active
> were several mailing lists, including one in support and solidarity with
> Chiapas people and "cyber-rights", the only Italian list devoted to public
> discussion about privacy, encryption, free speech online.
> The <> list and its subscribers were essential to the
> success of HackIt98, the first ever public meeting organized by and devoted
> to the Italian hacker community, held in Florence during the first week-end
> of June and attended by about one thousand people.
> At the moment the members are closely  monitoring the situation
> in order to find the best solutions to what seems to be an extremely
> serious event whose conseqences will be in any case far and wide. The
> organization is now working to get the news to all of its members and
> users, as well as to media agencies worldwide and to the online community
> at large.  Also, a backup server should be up and running as soon as
> possible, while others initiatives are under way.
> For more info and updated news:
> mailing list (in Italian) <>
> [send mail to <> including 'subscribe hackmeeting' in
> the body message]
> Net Diver
> Remailer Administrator
> Cripto Remailer
> -o-
> Subscribe: mail with "subscribe isn".
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