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1...Adrianne Wortzel......Launch of Polar Circuit Kalevala Moo
2...isea..................ISEA98TERROR PROGRAMME
3.........................New Arkzin!
4...Raivo Kelomees........Cybertower
5...Sean Cubitt...........JMU Media Review Call for papers
6...Glenn DNS Antitrust Brief
7...Tina LaPorta..........URL for Women in New Media Panel projects in La Biennale de Montreal 1998
9...CyberSalon............CYBER.SALON 7 <29/7/98> <rerun>


Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 13:49:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Adrianne Wortzel <>
Subject: Launch of Polar Circuit Kalevala Moo

performance, discussion and other communicative manifestations of art,
theater, theory, philosophy and media arts practices.  The Polar Circuit
Kalevala Moo was developed at Polar Circuit 2 in a Virtual Theater
Workshop conducted by Adrianne Wortzel.

The first performance of the Polar Circuit Kalevala Moo, which everyone is
invited to participate in, will be WEDNESDAY, JULY 22 at 22:00 Finnish
time, 4 P.M. EST.

Join via Web:
or by Telnet://

Polar Circuit is an international media art and theory 2-month residency
project done in collaboration with the Media Studies Department at The
University of Lapland and the Department of Art and Media at the College
of Western Lapland, Tornio, Finland.  Polar Circuit is moderated and
produced by Tapio Makela.

The core participants - Moo creators and players  - for the Kalevala Moo
are: Adrianne Wortzel, Robin Petterd, Joona Jarvela, Nicole Won Kyung Yoo,
Heikki Mannik, and Andrew Burrell.   The web site was designed by Robin

The Moo's first constructed world is based on stories from the Finnish
epic, "The Kalevala".   Future worlds built on the moo will reflect many
Polar Circuit projects, including more of The Kalevala Project, David
Casacuberta's MEME Workshop and Rasa and Raitis Smite's

The Kalevala originated in the singing of old Karelian mythic stories,
familiar in Karelia, the area straddling the border of eastern Finland and
north-western Russia.  These sung stories were made into a constructed
epic by Elias Lonnrot, who, with pencil and paper, wrote them down as
performed by singers still active in his time (1802-84).  Samplings of
these songs can be found on the web site listed above.

There are many voices in the Kalevala and each "voice" in turn has many
turns of character. The Kalevala Project on the Kalevala Moo, its
buildings, objects, characters and performances, attempts to see if a
text-based pluralistic context can emulate some of the qualities of an
oral tradition.

Further information about the Kalevala Project contact Adrianne Wortzel
via email at


Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 15:18:07 -0400
From: isea <>



SESSION A - 10.00-11.00

Lecture Theatre 1 - Keynote Dialogue
Tapio Makela and Toshiyo Ueno (Finland/Japan)
Virtual Orientalism: A dialogue on technological others in media discourse

Lecture Theatre 2 - Keynote
Tim Etchells of Forced Entertainment and Hugo Glendenning (UK)
Frozen Palaces

Lecture Theatre 3 - Keynote Dialogue
Maria N Stukoff (Canada) and Kate Richards (Australia)
Tongue Twisters

SESSION B - 11.30-12.50

Lecture Theatre 1 - Expert Witness
Elizia Volkmann (UK)
Blazoned and over-exposed - Post modern bodies in public space
Cross Examined by Paul Brown (Australia) and Nancy Reilly-McVitie (UK)

Katie Salen (USA)
Grrl Codes: the scripting of Racial and Gender stereotypes
Cross Examined by Jon Cates (USA) and Rebecca Cummins (Australia)

Lecture Theatre 2 - Soapbox
James Wallbank of Redundant Technology Initiative (UK)
Low Technology * Digital Revolution

Steve Goodman and Ccru (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit)
K-O Counter Cultures

Jonathan Swain (UK)
Viet Cong and the Internet

Lecture Theatre 3 - Soapbox
Olga Kisseleva (France)
Controller and controlled: interchangeability

Matthew Shadbolt (Netherlands)
>From Kindergarten to Total Carnage

Istvan Kantor (Canada)
Utility S(h)elves

Lecture Theatre 4 - Close Scrutiny
Overseer: Taylor Nuttall (UK)
Is the potential for transcendence an intrinsic aspect of a virtual

Gurdon Leete (USA)
Anna Bonshek (USA)
The shock of refinement: Reaesthetizing life through a new technology of
Roman Verostko (USA)

Lecture Theatre 5 - Close Scrutiny
Overseer: James Faure Walker (UK)
Still silent after all these years

Lane Hall (USA)
Joan Truckenbrod (USA)
Graham Crowley (UK)
Jon Pengelly (UK)
The development of a web-based morphological database

SESSION C - 14.30-15.50

Lecture Theatre 1 - Expert Witness
Naoka Tosa and Ryohei Nakatsu (Japan)
Alive Cinema - Romeo and Juliet in Hades
Cross Examined by Rob Fisher (USA) and James Wallbank (UK)

Luc Courchesne (Canada)
The form/content formula: parallel between pre-industrial cinema and
current new media practice
Cross Examined by Kathy Marmor (USA) and Matthew Shadbolt (Netherlands)

Lecture Theatre 2 - Soapbox
Gaudi Heodaya/Sonja van Kerkhoff (Holland)
(Title to be confirmed)

George Whale (UK)
Towards a synthesis of text and image

Rebecca Cummins (Australia)
Liquid Scrutiny

Lecture Theatre 3 - Soapbox
Jeremy Diggle (UK)
On the road to Omniana

Robert Wechsler (Germany)
Palindrom: interactive computer dance

Gregg Wagstaff (UK)
Utopianism: from cage to acoustic ecology (CODA)

Lecture Theatre 4 - Cell
Paul Brown (Australia)
The Art Mainstream as the enemy (CODA)

Greg Garvey
Techno@fetish.tribe\Techno-gardism~ a time released diaspora

Joel Slayton (USA)
Re=purpose of information: Art as network

Richard Povall (USA)
Timara: building a new undergraduate curriculum

Tony Eve (UK)
Interactive arts at Manchester: Creative futures

Lecture Theatre 5 - Close Scrutiny
Overseer: Rob Fisher (USA)
The Computers and Sculptors Revolution: Projects from the UK, Europe & USA

Christian LaVigne (France)
Keith Brown (UK)
Martin Sperka (Slovakia)

SESSION D - 16.30-17.50

Lecture Theatre 1 - Expert Witness
Ann Kroeber
Notions on David Lynch's Use of Terror and the Importance of Film Sound
Cross examined by Peter Appleton (UK) and Jeremy Diggle (UK)

Fred Collopy (USA)
The design of an instrument for visual improvisation and composition
Cross Examined by Rejane Spitz (Brazil) and Jonathan Swain (UK)

Lecture Theatre 2 - Soapbox
Betty Beaumont (USA)
Open Electronic Book

Ellen Grimes/Annie Knepler (USA)
Wider contexts: electronic media as sites for public art

Linda Carroli (Australia)
A couple of chicks shooting the breeze: Theorizing a collaborative writing

Lecture Theatre 3 - Soapbox
Permi K Gill and Ari Salomon
Electric Prayer Wheel: a meditation on genocide

Josepha Haveman (USA)
Mayday: animation

Simon Yuill (UK)
Visual rhetoric and computer media

Lecture Theatre 4 - Soapbox
Seth and Noah Riskin (Germany)
Lightdance: the twin experience

Greg Garvey
Dividing the self: speculations on the split brain human computer interface

Julia Myers (UK)
Peeping Tom and Nosey Parker

Lecture Theatre 5 - Soapbox
Richard Povall (USA)/Jools Gilson-Ellis (Eire)

Mel Blain (UK)
Exploding Spaces

Niranjan Rajah (Malaysia)
Beyond the site: Installation art at the end of geography


SESSION E - 10.00-11.00

Lecture Theatre 1 - Keynote
Coco Fusco (USA)
At your service: Latinas in the global information network

Lecture Theatre 2 - Close Scrutiny
Dr Helen Coxall (UK)
Jackie Hatfield (UK)
Jane Prophet (UK)
Gail Pearce (UK)
Body, Territory and New Technologies

Lecture Theatre 3 - Performative
Peter Appleton (UK)
Pocahontis has misgivings about living in a digital matrix

Lecture Theatre 4 - Close Scrutiny
Overseer:  Paul Vanouse/Natalie Bookchin (USA)
Scope as Trope: Vision, control and spatial erotics

Nell Tenhaaf
Steve Mann

Lecture Theatre 5 - Performative
Nancy Reilly-McVitie (UK)
The Presence of Absence (A-gain) - Kathy Acker

SESSION F - 11.30-12.50

Lecture Theatre 1 - Expert Witness
Kathy Marmor (USA)
Performance art and technology
Cross Examined by Paul Vanouse (USA) and Julie Myers (UK)

Artur Matuck (Brazil)
A Manifesto for Compwriting and Re-Scriptable Information
Cross Examined by Tapio Makela (Finland) and Ingrid Bachmann (UK)

Lecture Theatre 2 - Soapbox
Kuljit Chuhan (UK)
Virtual Migrants: Racist deportations vs Freedom of virtual travel,
electronic art as ideology

Simon Penny (USA)
Fugitive: a machine driven interactive digital video space

Dooley Le Cappellaine (USA)

Lecture Theatre 3 - Cell
Richard Wright
Artists and Techies - Knowledge and information in Digital Arts Practice

Tadeo Maekawa (Japan)
Synthetic Method of Fractal Textures

Robert Murray (UK)
The survival of design education within the IT revolution

Centre for Metahuman Exploration (USA)
Empathetic Avatar/Surrogate Self

Lecture Theatre 4 - Cell
Steev Morgan (Canada)
Embracing chaos: A strategy for the next Millenium

Josepha Haveman (USA)
Is there a digital aesthetic?

Dr Nigel Helyer (Australia)
Ship to Shore

Doug Porter (USA)

Lecture Theatre 5 - Soapbox
Justin O'Connor (UK)
Metaphor Revolution

Roz Hall (UK)
Evaluating young people's creative use of digital technology:  Whose
benchmarks and why?

Iris Hever (Israel)
Media follows Art

SESSION G - 14.30-15.50

Lecture Theatre 1 - Expert Witness
Patrick Lichty (USA)
Virtual spaces and ergonomics:  the Feng Shui of Cyberspace
Cross Examined by Johan Grimonprez (Belgium) and Richard Wright

Rob Fisher (USA)
Science as art in the theater of the brain
Cross Examined by Greg Garvey and Jonathan Swain (UK)

Lecture Theatre 2 - Soapbox
Jon Cates (USA)
Hybrid Heroes of the Digital Revolution

Rob Gawthrop (UK)
Nothing temporal can be silent

John Wood and Olu Taiwa (UK)
Finding consensual times in digital music

Lecture Theatre 3 - Soapbox
Julianne Pierce (Australia)
Neo post cyberfeminism

Branda S. Millar (USA)
Witness to the future

Beryl Graham (UK)
Ironic: some rust-belt art

Lecture Theatre 4 - Close Scrutiny
Overseer:  Janet Bezzant
Digital Divas present: Between the Sheets

Ingrid Bachmann (USA)
Barbara Layne (Canada)
Sadie Plant (UK)
Regina Frank (Germany)

Lecture Theatre 5 - Soapbox
Amanda McDonald Crowley (Australia)
FOLDBACK : on a transmedia exhibition and event marking the 10th
anniversary of the Australian Network for Art & Technology

Oliver Nicholson (UK)
Terror in Paradise

Jon Large (UK)
Circuits and Bread


Including announcements on future isea symposia

Chaired/hosted by:
Anthony H Wilson of Factory Records, Granada TV and the Hacienda
Now of Factory Too

This programme should be considered as an ever-evolving, interactive,
on-going performance in its own right.  KEEP WATCHING....

- ISEA- 307, Ste-Catherine O # 760.- C.P.508, Succ. Desjardins
- Montreal Quebec H5B 1B6 Canada - Tel:1-(514) 281-6543 - Fax:1-(514) 281-6728
           - email: -


From ARKZIN_ZG@ZAMIR-ZG.ZTN.APC.ORG Fri Jul 17 23:11:26 1998
Subject: New Arkzin!
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 23:46:00 +0200

The turbo croatian magazine arkzin from zagreb wrote:

the new issue of new arkzin is out now!

Disco-theque, Disco Inferno or Disco text?
70s revisited.
Interview with Bora Cosic - writer from Belgrade-Porec-Berlin, one of the
authors of fabulous Mixed Media publication back in 68-71.
Renata Salecl - Sexual difference as writing/cutting of the body
DJ Spooky - That Subliminal Kid by Frank Hartmann and Boris Buden
Prototypes - Momus stories about Pierre et Gilles
Polemics on the local NGO scene Vesna Kesic vs Srdjan Dvornik about
"identity politics"
Cybertheory - Luther Blisset case - Lasciate Che I Bimbi
Local potics: Borislav Mikulic about media coverage of the death of Gojko
Susak, Croatiam secretary (minister?) of defence, one of the most powerful
persons in croatian political scene;
Boris Buden about case of Dinko Sakic - one of the WW2 commanders of KZ
"Their average age was nnnn-nineteen!" - about ideological background and
effects of the new serbian "democratic" myth about "our sons being killed
at Kosovo" build around letter of young soldier Dusan Tasic and article by
Serbian journalist Aleksandar Tijanic,
about concert of famous bosnian band Indexi in Belgrade,
about ideology of passivity promoted by famous singer Djordje Balasevic
(from Serbia but adored in all post-Yugoslavia and usually perceived as
anti-war, anti-nationalistic - he had concert in Sarajevo under the
organisation of UN)
Gen XX by Sanje Ivekovic
Pro-files XX & XY
literature, pop, rock, techno, sf, zines
Marcel Stefancic Jr abouth life and death of Frank Sinatra - man that
invented 20th century and about Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino...


Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 00:40:04 +0300
From: Raivo Kelomees <>
Subject: Cybertower

It's time to move, time to change

Launch of the Cybertower!

We all have good memories about Form Art. If it looks too similar, let
it be like a hommage to it.

You can help to build our tower, your tower - Cybertower, Tower of
links, Tower of little nests or cells for virtual inhabitants.

This Tower can grow into infinity. If floors what you see become
occupied, then new floor automatically appears.

You dont need to be inhabitant of Tower forever. You can remove
yourself, go away, leave the Tower.

To occupy a cell in Cybertower:

1. Type username
2. Type password (optional)
3. Type or paste your URL
4. Click *ok*

To remove yourself:

1. Type  username
2. Type password (if you used it for entrance)
3. Click *remove*

You can visit your towerneighbours by selecting them from Floors
drop-down menus and clicking *visit* button.

Let's build something for endless scrolling!


Tiia Johannson <>,
Raivo Kelomees <>,
Virve Sarapik <>,
Nelli Rohtvee <>


Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 11:56:18 +0000
From: Sean Cubitt <>
Subject: JMU Media Review Call for papers

JMU Media Review

JMU Media Review is a new online publication dedicated to scholarly

We believe that there is a need for a journal that
*1. provides serious reviewing of the wide range of media products and
*2. enables academics to hone their skills on the contemporary
*3. provides a space for practitioners to write informed criticism of
own and others works, and enter debates with scholars
*4. encourages cross-disciplinary discussion about the media
*5. promotes debate on the processes and functions of reviewing today
*6. offers swift, clean and refereed publication of timely interventions
*7. gives a welcome to first publications from graduate students and new
*8. creates a site which, alongside existing theory sites, can
to the development of an effective media criticism.

Current online reviewing is dominated by fan discourse and pure data.
Media Review will fulfil the need for succinct scholarly accounts of the
broad range of print and audiovisual media. JMU Media Review will post
reviews as soon as they have been refereed, and will provide a space for
responses and rewrites. There will also be an area for the discussion of
current reviewing practice and principles. There will be no date-bound
issues, and therefore there will be no deadlines. Rather, we will seek
to publish as promptly as possible academic responses to historical and
recent media production. Reviews will be refereed.

for full details


Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 21:33:13 -0400
From: Glenn Manishin <> (by way of
Subject: DNS Antitrust Brief

The pgMedia ( reply brief in the federal antitrust litigation
over expansion of gTLDs (pgMedia v. NSI and NSF), filed 13 July 1998, has
been posted at:

For those of you who believe that NSF and IANA have been in control of
the DNS and the root server, the facts of the case are revealing -- and
directly inconsistent with "conventional wisdom" on the Internet.

The case will be argued before Judge Robert Patterson, Jr., of the United
States District Court for the Southern District of New York this Monday,
20 July 1998, at 4:00 p.m. EST at the U.S. Courthouse (500 Pearl Street)
in New York City.



   Glenn B. Manishin
   Blumenfeld & Cohen-Technology Law Group
   1615 M Street, N.W. Suite 700
   Washington, DC  20036
   202.955.6300 X229 Tel/vms
   202.955.6460 Fax


Copies of the letters from IANA to NSI and NSF to NSI are
posted at:


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 11:16:06 -0500
From: (Tina LaPorta)
Subject: Announcement: URL for Women in New Media Panel

The panel discussion: < Women in New Media >
presented at the 16th Women in the Arts Conference @ Rutgers University
is now on-line!


Moderated by Tina LaPorta, Media Artist

The Panelists Include:
Kathy Brew, Director: Thundergulch
Rachel Greene, Editor: Rhizome Communications
Theresa Senft, Performance Artist
Sara Tucker, Director of Digital Media: Dia Center For the Arts

The symposium addressed the attribution of women in "new media" and
discussed various approaches in representing and constructing identity in
the electronic space of the Internet. Each participant presented and
examined a variety of net specific art works, on-line communications
projects and cyber-feminist performance pieces.

All texts from this event can be read on the web site.

For more information, contact Tina LaPorta
< >


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:21:00 -0400
Subject: Web projects in La Biennale de Montreal 1998

We are presenting a selection of artworks conceived for the Web within the
framework of La Biennale de Montréal 1998. The projects for La Biennale are
grouped around the theme of Poetry, Humour, and the Everyday, and
distinguish themselves by their quality. The selection of the Web projects
was made from works which have already been reviewed in The CIAC's
Electronic Magazine. The works will be accessable at the Musée Juste pour
Rire, where all the multimedia works will be grouped.
The list of selected artists in on line. More information on this
exhibition will be available in the coming days.
Don't miss our pages on La Biennale de Montréal 1998.
Have a good summer!
Sylvie Parent Associate curator La Biennale de Montréal 1998


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:58:48 +0000
Subject: CYBER.SALON 7 <29/7/98> <rerun>
From: CyberSalon Announce <>

Telepolis &
Hypermedia Research Centre


'Hacker Myths and Realities'

'Hacks' by Christine Bader

Sheep T. Iconoclast (Okupi -
Andy Cameron (HRC/ANTI-rom)

Richard Barbrook (HRC)

7pm to 11pm
Wednesday 29th July

(basement of Cyberia)
39 Whitfield St

entrance free

be there early!


Our apologies for the late cancellation of last month's Cyber.Salon. We are
rescheduling the 'Hacks' film this month and will be holding the Cyber.Salon
on copyright at the end of August.


Cyber.Salon 7: 'Hacker Myths and Realities'

The film show will be followed by a moderated discussion.


Christine Bader (director)

Germany 1997 (73 mins)

German and English (English sub-titles)

 "hacking is not a technical thing - it's a way of life"

Do we have the courage to create our own future? Or do we rely on
governments, institutions, organisations and cyber-hype?

'Hacks', Christine Bader's feature-length documentary, explores hacking
myths, chaos lifestyle, cultural hacking, piracy, social engineering,
Net-activism and digital democracy. Bursting with energy, the film gets
beyond media theory and explores networking as it is lived. This
fast-forward documentary examines people's relationship to their ever
expanding technological universe and brings home the point that hacking is
about humans, not machines.

Bader's use of interviews, good pacing and lively editing draws the viewer
into this very human technological scene. The film shows that individuals
with scant resources are successful in  attacking the Establishment. "We are
people who
are in the system to turn it around" explains C. Nevejan in the film. It's
a documentary about dreams and real visions attainable through networking
and free thought. 'Hacks' encourages us to passionately and actively
determine our future.

 "Hackers do it with fewer instructions".


Cyber.Salon 8: 'Copyright and the Net'

Wednesday 26th August

Speakers: Mike Holderness and Vincent Porter


Future Cyber.Salons will be held on the last Wednesday of every month.


If you know anyone who would like to receive announcements of forthcoming
Cyber.Salons, they can subscribe themselves to our listserver on this webpage:



Coming Soon: <> the Cyber.Salon website and on-line
conference space


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