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<nettime> NSI Stock Drops!

[time to buy Name.Space stocks? geert]

                 Network Solutions Stock Takes a Dive

          Network Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of SAIC, took
          a major hit on the stock market on Tuesday, July 21.
          The 15% drop in the value of NSI's stock was in excess
          of the general decline in the market on Tuesday.  The
          fall in value may be based in part on NSI's poor per-
          formance in court on Monday, July 20 where oral argu-
          ments took place on a Motion For Summary Judgement on
          count VI of pgMedia/Name.Space antitrust case filed
          against NSI last March in US Federal Court, Southern
          District, NY.

          The motion, which calls the question as to whether NSI
          is immune from the antitrust laws by virtue of their
          contract with the National Science Foundation to run
          the central internet domain name registry, also challenges
          the NSF's (US Government's) claim of authority over the
          root of the internet.  In addition, the motion charges
          that domain names at all levels are free speech.

          Judge Robert Patterson, who is presiding over the case,
          is expected to issue an opinion in early August.

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