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<nettime> B92 informs: Radicals' Leader Accuses B92 of Being Part of Foreign Intelligence Services

  Seselj Accuses B92 of Being Part of Foreign Intelligence Services

Belgrade-July 23, 1998

In a news conference on Thursday, leader of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS)
Vojislav Seselj and Serbian Vice-Premier, Vojislav Seselj rejected as false
the rumours that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic might go along with
Kosovo as the third Yugoslav federal unit. He said that these false rumours
were initiated by the centres of special war inside the country. "What the
ultimate goals of the western powers and the OSCE are is obvious from
[their] threats and insistence on the benefit of the Shqiptar separatists
and terrorists. The OSCE envoys have acted in our country contrary to the
interests of the Serb people, they have linked up with the Serb enemies and
treasonous political parties," Seselj pointed out. He stressed some Western
countries, like the US, financed "propaganda activities in Serbia" aimed at
dissolving the country. 

Asked to justify his statement that Radio B92 was serving Great Britain and
the US, as reported recently by the state news agency Tanjug, Serbian
Information Minister Aleksandar Vucic said: "I did not say that B92 was in
the service of the Great Britain and the US, I said it was financed by the
governments of these countries. That is what I learned at the ANEM's
assembly and what the assembly's conference materials said... I don't
presume you are ashamed of that."

Seselj's cue was: "You should be ashamed. All you journalists working in
the outlets [which] you know for sure get money from abroad should be aware
that you are working for Serbia's enemies and against FRY, [that] you are
working for the foreign intelligence services. One who is paid by the US or
the British government is an American or a British agent, acting against
his country as a traitor to his people. We have reliable data that various
governmental organisations finance not only B92 but also other media. I am
surprised you are not aware that you're in the traitors ranks."

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